Monday, November 17, 2008


Ida has been busy...

...but you probably know that already. What you probably DON'T know, however, is WHAT I've been busy with - y'know, that 'secret project' I've been babbling about when I've been babbling at all for the last few months. Well, the fact is, that secret project is now officially done with. And it went well, which means I won't just pass over it and never mention it again as I would've if it didn't go well - I'll actually tell you about it. Imagine that. ^_^;

So, Ida's secret project? This is it.

Yes, I told you it had nothing to do with comics. (Also, that picture is shit. In fact, every single picture so far has been shit. I'll post some good ones once they exist)

Of course, this going well means that's I'll be... uhm... well, I have to make more cosplay. Dangn it. ^_^; Fear not, though - I have plenty of time and I WILL have time to make more comic in the mean time. In fact, I'm working on something comic-related right now! (Not saying what it is, though - yes, the secrecy has damaged me. Gotta do soemthing about that...)

Oh, and America? You rock. ^_^ I'm probably the last person on the internet to say that, but better late than never. That was awesome.

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