Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Back to life!

Yes, I am aware that the Wednesday schedule didn't work. The sad thing is that the comic was actually all drawn and inked by tuesday last week, but then came last-minute cosplay work and a very busy and cool con weekend and stole all of my time. The comic is finally colored now, though, and will upload in one hour from posting this. Enjoy! ^^

Sleep now. Talk later.

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Monday, November 01, 2004


Change of Schedule (Another Delay, yes.)

Okay, I feel really bad doing this, but here we go: For the next two weeks, I'm changing the A.N.T schedule to Wednesdays, which means there will be no comic tomorrow. The reason I'm doing this is to be able to go through these two really, really hectic weeks without (really) missing updates, as in, when the year is over, there will still be 50 comics. The OTHER reason is that tomorrow's comic is not yet done, and I don't want to look like a complete ass again.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. Because, as 1/3 of the readers already know (That's you, Sigge), next weekend, I'm going to J-POPCON! YAY! And for the 1/3 of my readers who aren't danish: J-Popcon is the only anime con in Denmark, and I'm going there for the first time ever. Excitement! I'm also cosplaying for the first time of my life, as Sailorjupiter no less, and yes, that's what's been taking all of my time recently. ^^; I'm not going to have a stand on the con or anything like that (what, you expected a stand for a comic with 3 readers, 15 archive pages and inconsistant updates? Weirdo.) but I just had to shout out the joy of this. I'll shut up and do a comic now. ^^;

That's all for now, folks, see you on Wednesday!

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