Monday, January 31, 2005



(I'm writing 4 hours before the comic upload, just in case you were wondering)

YES! It's done! Why is it that whenever I think that a certain week's comic is going to be really quick and easy, I end up sitting in front of my computer (Knud-Werner among friends) all Sunday? Oh, I could tell you why. It's called laziness. Er, I mean homework. ^^;
Oh, who cares. I actually gort it done. Quite impressive, remembering that I hadn't even started drawing it by noon Saturday.

In other and similar news; Episode two is starting! Yay! (And in the second month in the year, no less. Go me for being precise. ^^) This is a story I've really been looking forward to drawing, so I hope it's going to turn out OK at least. If you hadn't guessed by the convenient 26-page Episode one, I'm planning to have each episode lasting approximately six months, so I'll be able to churn out two episodes per year. Great. And since I'm planning 13 episodes that means...uh...damn... SIX YEARS? Bloody F**K! Uh, don't talk about those comics that put out 10 chapters a year. Please? ^^;

Finally, something I was actually planning to do this week but didn't quite manage: The page is going to be beefed out soon, which means adding a character page, a gallery (yes, I DO have something to put up. No fan art, though. ;_;) and some ACTUAL information about the comic, so look forward to seeing all of this when school has stopped trying to kill me. And now: writing a paper on Erasmus Montanus... >.<;

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Friday, January 14, 2005



It's done. It's up. It's pretty ugly, but I'm too exhausted to care.

I'll die now. Oh, wait, I mean: I'll go draw monday's comic now. Gaah! *Dies*.

(Oh, and before you ask: Yes, things didn't go as planned. I already told you they never do. ^^;)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005



If there were actually somebody out there who reads this comic each monday, that person would right now be screaming "Where's my comic you stupid b****!?!". Or at least, so that (hypothetical) person would do if he/she was (even more hypothetically) a rabid fan. I don't think a person like that exist, but if he/she does, and it's you, please let me know through a means of communication that will not severely damage my health. Uh, where were we? Ah, right, today's comic!

Well, as you can see, it's not there. That is NOT a visual trick, no.

Your Rightful Question: "So why isn't it there?"
My Pathetic Answer: "Mainly, it's because I've been a lazy bum this week. No lying about that. But it's ALSO due to three other facts: Firstly, this week's comic is pretty complicated (read: lots of frames) and took a lot more time to do than I had expected. Secondly, I was stuck in a friend's house for two nights due to a pretty violent storm, and thus 'wasted' a lot of time. Thirdly, we had the second half of Evangelion with us."

YRQ: "Well, whatever. But then, when will the comic be up?"
MPA: "As soon as possible, really. I'm in the process of inking it right now (late Monday night), so if all goes well, I'll get the rest of the inking and the computer work done on Tuesday, and the comic will go up on the night before Wednesday. Hopefully, that is."

YRQ: "Whew, that's great. But wait, what about the next update?"
MPA: "Next Monday's comic is going to be pretty simple, both drawing- and coloring-wise (we're finally indoors again, yay!), so I think I can just manage to get that done within this week. By the way, next Monday will be the second-to-last page of Episode one, and depending on private issues, I might take a short (one or two weeks) hiatus after that - but more about that later."

Finally, my sincerest apologies for being so inconsistant with updates. I will try to stop sucking soon. Hopefully. ^^;

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