Monday, February 28, 2005


I made it!

(Posted 1½ hour before comic uploads)

Phew, I never thought I was going to make it on this one! Not only did I start drawing it yesterday, there was also this liiittle thing called prom night interrupting my drawing a bit. ^^; But, wow, it was done, and for once I'm actually very happy with how the page turned out. Especially the shot of Lisa running. It makes my little heart warm. ^^

Oh, and if you think you've seen those two before, no, you're not mistaken. The saddest part is that Lisa can't even recognize her own parents wearing sunglasses. ^^;

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


More site updates!

After hours of scanning, editing and selecting the worst and best of my drawing piles, the Gallery is finally up! Yaeh! Only one section to go, and the webpage will be fully functional! ^^

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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Blogger, thou art a strange thing

So, now it appears that the post from last Saturday is up anyway (in three copies, no less [two were quickly deleted]). Blogger, thou art a strange thing indeed.

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Okay, apparently my last post was never uploaded, so only one of you know why there is no comic uploaded for this week. The reason is this. I spent four days of last week in bed, ill, and when I finally recovered by Saturday, I still had a metric ton of homework to do, which I wasn't done with before Tuesday this week. And at that point, having not even sketched the page, I decided to call it a deal and skip this week. Thus, the page that was really supposed to go up this Monday will instead go up next Monday. Okay? Okay. So, why am I not busy doing it? Well, believe it or not, the comic is all drawn and was supposed to be inked today. So, what do I find out when I sit down to get it done? Yes, my poor old pens have finally given up and I am thus without inking materials. But don't worry, I have not been unproductive (and I'll get some new pens tomorrow); This evening, the webpage has received a much-needed overhaul: Some general mistakes were corrected, information updated (I'm not 16 anymore, peeps), an annoying bug on the main page that obscured part of the title graphic was finally removed (hopefully without creating a dozen new ones), a link to out lovely forum was added to the 'Contact section' and most importantly: Two new info pages were added to the 'About' section. Yay! The near future will most likely see the unleashing of the 'Gallery' page, seeing as I now have a piece of fanart and maybe, finally, the much-neglected 'Characters' page will be born. But, comic first. As soon as I get some pens, that is...

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Monday, February 07, 2005


Realistically spoken...

...yes, you guessed it, another delay. Damn. So, realistically spoken, no, there won't be a comic up monday. Why? Two reasons: First: I have a whole heapload of homework this week (between last Wednesday and next Wednesday I have 3 essays, one in each language I have, one major Biology report, and one Physics quiz. That should be enough to tire anyone, but idealistic and hard-working as I am (yeah right!), I decided to get it over with in order to get on with the comic. So, what happened? Why, complication number two: Illness. I have been lying in bed for three and a half days, sleeping, blowing my nose and watching Sailormoon SuperS in between (and you know you're mentally gone when you can enjoy THAT series!). So, not only am I behind on the comic, I am also horribly behind on the beforementioned heapload of work. And, sad as it is, school DOES come first. I'll try to get the comic up as soon as possible, though, but don't be mad if it isn't there before Wednesday night.

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