Saturday, May 28, 2005



See that? Yes, when I promise twice a week, you get twice a week. *Pats self on back*. Okay, it's not a very GOOD update (I particularly hate the third panel), but it is one, right? I haven't quite settled on a schedule for the twice-a-week period, but it most likely will be around Monday and Thursday/Friday, depending on my work speed (slang for 'laziness').

Also, don't forget about the fanart drive, people! Skyen has sent in a great piece already, so hurry or there won't me more of my neverending love left!

...did I say that? ^^;

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Monday, May 23, 2005



Randomly checking through the archives, I realized that A.N.T will turn 1 year old in just under a month, on June 20th! Wow, I can't believe I've been doing this for so long. I also can't believe that the story has gotten such a short way from the beginning in such a long time, but that's a different matter entirely. ^^;

So, some of you might ask, what does this amazing birthday mean to YOU as readers? Well, like any other webcomic artist, I'd love to have some fan art/comics to put up on the birthday. I'm not asking for anything spectacular, but if you've been considering doing some fanart for A.N.T, now is the time to do it and get some proper exposure! Not to forget that I'll love you forever, though that's probably a side benefit. So, send in some fanart and then I promise not to slack off because of the birthday, even though it's a Monday. Deal?

On a similiar topic, the update frequency in the days up to the birthday will be slightly unusual: As you might have guessed, the comic for this Monday is going to be delayed. I just finished the litterature project, so I can finally get to the sketching tomorrow, but as I also have a written math test on Wednesday to study for, the actual date the comic will be finished is not set in stone yet. It will be up this week, though. The time after that will be special, too, but in a slightly different way: Since school has been really weird on me and given me a 12-day period to prepare for a German test (which i hardly even need to prepare for), I have a nice, long period of absolutely free time laying ahead of me. You probably guessed that this means COMICS. Yup, in the days between the 25th and 8th (and probably all the time 'till the 20th), I'm going to play out an experiment called A.N.T-twice-a-week. I've long desired to update twice a week, so I'm going to use this period to see if it's even possible for me to do so. Because it's an experiment, there's no guarantee that I will actually manage to do two updates each week (the Monday update should be guaranteed, though), but I'll try to do my best. Hey, maybe this could even work as a fanart incentive! "Draw fanart, get more of this crap." Eh, that wasn't a threat. Suuure wasn't... ^^;

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Sunday, May 15, 2005



See that just-about-matching-but-strangely-clashing-with-other-so-colored-areas-blue thing over on the left? That, my friends, is the A.N.T tagboard. yes, I know you're all excited. Sure, it looks far from splendid but it's there, and I've been wanting a tagboard for a long time now. This doesn't mean I'm abandoning the forum (I still love you, Gwennafran ^^), not at all - but a tagboard is perfect for quick, improvised comments, something which a forum with it's substance heavy posts doesn't really cater to. In simpler words: A tagboard lets you post short messages. It's like SMS, and it's what the young 'uns want, hence I give it to them. Feel the love.
And then, POST! (Don't forget to vote, either. ^^)

In other news, I've joined two dropdowns which are located just above the tagboard. Look there for other great (or greater tham me, at least ^^;) science fiction and superhero comics here on 'Space.

((Oh yes, there WAS something about a comic for Monday. well, as things are, I'm slightly delayed and I don't know how much time I'll have tomorrow. Plus after that comes my project week, which I really, really don't want screw up too badly. So, I'm not quite sure what'll happen to this weekend's comic (or the next one's) but please bear with me because this is the LAST big thing I have to do for school this school year, and even in a worst case scenario (none of the pages upload), I'll have plenty of time to make up for any delays once next week has come and gone.))

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Notice anything different?

Today's comic is actually something of an experiment, even if you can't see it; this is the first time I've ever done the panel borders digitally! Yeah, really exiting... I don't know if the is any actual difference, except this way of doing things saves a bit of ink, so I'm not sure if I'll stick to this change. It DOES look nice and tide, though, doesn't it?

As for today's comic: I just noticed that it might seem strange for 13-years olds to have newspapers lying around in their classroom, so I'll just provide some cultural background for those of you who aren't Danish: Urban (yes, it really exists) is a free, ad-funded newspaper that is passed around in ridiculously large numbers at train stations and bus stops in Copenhagen, and since public transportation is very wide-spread in Copenhagen, almost any class is bound to have at least one student who gets the paper on the way to school. As for other questions: Yes, that is supposed to be perspective in panel one. Yes, that's my handwriting. And no, you don't want to know what it says. Luckily the text box obscures the headliner so I won't be sued by the Prime Minister. ^^;

And the buffer? Of COURSE I didn't do that. I mean, what were you thinking, me working? ;) Honestly, though, I'm very sure I'll make it this week. Next week might end up being late, but since I think I'll end up slacking for most of project week anyway, maybe that is the one time where slacking will NOT hurt the comic. ^^;

I think I should sleep now.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005



For the first time in - well, always, I think - next week's page is finished now, on friday night! Go me.

Okay, so now you might feel like asking something along the lines of "Why the F*** is that important - the comic is not up until Monday anyway!" And you'd be right to, because it's true; no matter when the comic is finished, it uploads on Monday. However, and this IS important, because I'm already done with Monday's update, I'll have time to start on next week's, which is great because that week is my major project week and I'm theoretically supposed to spend all of it writing about Animal Farm and not doing any comic-related things. So, this earlyness gives me a way to avoid more skipping of updates. And THAt is important, isn't it? ^^

Aside from that, I finally went and uploaded the sucky little animation I did at J-popcon last November so you can laugh at my not-even-worthy-to-be-called-lacking skills. It's in the Pieces Gallery, by the way.

Oh, and don't forget to Vote! Buzzcomix is down for the moment, but there's still TWC *hinthint*.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005



Hay, at least it's still MONDAY... So technically, I'm not late. Yeah, technically. This is also the end of this scene, so next week we'll head back to Lisa for more humiliation fun, whee!

Finally, don't forget to vote. C'mon, I've been good haven't I?

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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Possible Comic Delay

Okay, the thing is: I've been fighting with (read: trying to draw) Monday's comic since Thursday but apparently that little bugger is stronger than I am. Someone less stone-headedly stubborn than me would probably call this an artist's block, but I refuse to take such words into my mouth! It just needs a bit of persuation! *Pulls out electric drill and goes postal on block* Normally I wouldn't be so worried about not being done with the drawing early Saturday night, but tomorrow is May 1st, and if you live in the general Copenhagen area, you'll know that that means one thing: Par-TAY, Comrades! In other words, I'm going to spend most of tomorrow hanging out in a park with friends, insane scouts-of-a-type-except-if-you-call-them-scouts-you'll-wish-you-were-never-born, and drunk communists. But mostly friends. I hope.

Still, my block might have disappeared through the relaxing therapy of reading webcomics, and I might have enough time left tomorrow after that whole May 1st thing that the comic WILL actually go up on time, but if it doesn't, don't say I didn't warn you!

(Disclaimer: I do not in any way actually stand for any of these grumpy, pessimistic opinions. Artist's block is a serious condition that should be accepted as-is, May 1st is one of my favorite holidays so tomorrow will be great fun, and FDF's are nice, friendly and dependable people. Oh, would you please stop threatening me with that Pikachu, Mark? Thanks.)

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