Monday, April 28, 2008


A shimmering ray of hope?

Yes, I'm back at the library. This is just a short note to inform you that my computer is now in the repair shop (yes, that's right. The PHONE store has a computer repair shop. Who'd have thought?), and has been there for about two weeks now, and while that doesn't say anything about when I'll get it back, at least they didn't just laug´h at me and tell me to buy a new.

So that's a good thing.

Also, I'm currently on a roll, creativity-wise (okay, so more plotting-wise than drawing-wise - if I had to choose, I'd definately be a comic writer over an artist): the rest of Episode 4 has been fully scripted (20 pages to go - ack!), Episode 5 has been laid out (so it DOESN't end up 44 pages long), and, most importantly, pages 107 and most of 108 have been drawn and inked. And considering that I started friday, I think that's quite good. ^_^;

And now: Bufferbuilding yay!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Yes, something is seriously wrong. And no, it has nothing to do with the 'missing' page (that must have been the longest April's Fool's in the history of webcomics)

For reasons I am soon to explain, I'll do this as quickly as I can, so here goes: I am currently without internet. In fact, I am currently without a computer in a condition that enables it to do more than start, tell me it can't start because it's missing a system file, and rejecting all the boot discs I give it to repair said system file. Also, I don't know when the heck I WILL have a computer in working order, not to mention internet access, again.
What complicates the matter furter is of course that I'm stuck here in Viborg, where I have a) no access to my mother's computer so I can go online and figure out what to do, b) not bought the computer and c) am not storing the receipt I got when I bought it in Copenhagen. Well, at least there IS a store from the same chain I bought it from here, so once my mom sends me the receipt in snailmail, I'll at least be able to take it down to tehm and scream at them until they take it to repair (it's a phone store, though, so I don't really expect them to be able to do anything else than give me a new one - I bought it less than two years ago, so it should still be covered by the varranty. Or else, they die. Damnit, if I can't get it replaced, it'll be another six months before I can afford a new computer.)

So, now that we have established that I'm stuck in a deep, dark pit of computer-withdrawal, how am I writing this? Well, seeing as I have only been able to borrow my friends' computers for about five minutes at a time, that there is no student internet access at my school (if you don't bring your own laptop, that is), and that, as far as I know, there are no internet cafés in this twon, I've had to do it in the oldfashioned way. Yes, I'm borrowing a computer at the library. With pre-registry of timeslots, no scanning, no PSP, and a maximum of one hour per day. At least it's free. -_-;

But what about the comic? I suppose none of you will be surprised to hear that I won't be posting anything until I have a computer again (well, unless you expect me to do it by magic, in which case I'll have to disappoint you), but since I for once don't have a bunch of internet-related things to distract me, I'll try and use the sudden amount of spare time in my life to make a buffer. I hope it'll be a small one - but if I have to buy a new computer, you can at least be assured that I'll have a full chapter in the buffer when I come back. <_<

So, that's pretty much it - if any of you have something urgent to tell me, email FriedDeer, and she'll probably tell me earlier than I would've seen it myself (sorry for using you as a mail service, FD - I hope it's allright. -_-) I'll try to get online at least once a week, too, but don't expect me to do a lot - an hour is very little time. >.<

Which reminds me that I only have 35 minutes left of THIS hour, and plenty of other things to do, so this'll be all for now. Again, sorry for this crap. I hope it'll work out soon...

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008



HOLY SHI-! Well, that was a bit of a surprise, wasn't it? Come on, admit it - hell, if I hadn't been the one writing and drawing this page, I would never have seen it coming either. I mean, who would've thought that Lisa's parents were keeping something like that in their lab? Or that those two would hook up? Or that that was what Io had been alluding to since the beginning of Episode Three? Or that Emme would confide her secret to Lisa, of all people? Or, for that matter, that Emme had been hiding that all this time? Not me, at least. (But go ahead and try to prove me that you'd guessed that Kin was really Pink Flash way back in Episode One.) It's pages like this one that make writing comics fun. ^_^ Sorry for letting you all wait an extra day for this page, but I hope the revelations make up for that. And if they don't, I at least hope the art does - after all, the reason I didn't post a notice to say that the page was going to be late was simply that I was too busy finishing all those metallic highlights and energy beams to even get online! ... Okay, I was slacking a bit, too - but they ARE impressive, aren't they? But one thing is the art and the revelations: with all this new information comes even more new questions. Will Lisa kill Emme to save the world? What happened to Pinkys ferrabbit back in Japan? Will Sanus learn to eat cheese? Well, I'm not telling (at least not now), so how about you try and figure it out for yourself? ^_~ If anyone can guess before it's explained in the comic, I promise I'll cosplay as Pinky at the next J-popcon. Because if anyone can figure those things out, that will be so humiliating for my skills as a writer that I might as well dress in pink and blondes for a whole weekend... Gah, I need sleep now. It's already April... -_-

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