Sunday, January 29, 2006


The return of the royal-something!

Sorry about the insane filesize, peeps! This was the best I could do without ruining the picture completely. (If anyone of you is more of a compression ace than I am and wants to give this a try, please let me know. ^^)

...Would you believe that coloring this piece took me 9 hours? NINE F*CKUNG HOURS!!!! Truth be told, three of them were spent getting my scanner to work with the new OS - Agfa Snapscan 1212P is for some reason configured to only work with that bunch of crap called WinME, so I had to search all over the internet to find a freeware driver on some German geek's homepage. But still, 6 hours of pure coloring - that's twice the usual. Gee, I hope it's just that insane first picture - if I am really becoming this slow, I'll sadly have to shoot myself. And then there'll be no more comic and I have a feeling you guys won't like that.

Oh well, it's not like this is going to fully take away the joy that comes from finally being back on track! Sure, I didn't get to do any work on my History project this whole weekend, nor did I get my iPod fixed - but I'm doing this again, and that is a giant leap for World Peace. Sadly, there's no incentive. I did plan one (and I might draw it in math tomorrow, seeing as math is math), but with the time plan going awry, I never got around to finish it.

BTW, my apologies to the childhoods that were ruined due to my (almost) unconvoluted swearing. I'm soccer mom meat.

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Friday, January 27, 2006


Guess What I Just Had?

No, not brain surgery, sorry to disappoint you.


I JUST HAD MY COMPUTER SAVED! Yiii-haaa! *does a pathetic attempt at a backflip and ends up taking down a cupboard, two chairs and a dozen books* And what's more, it turned out that Knud-Werner is nothing close to the piece of allmost done-for trash I though he was; according to the repairman, he is actually a rather competent computer! The problem turned out to be one with my OS (Windows ME - apparently the rumors ARE true) and the number of damaged and accidentally deleted files that had been piling up over the years I've had him. Thus, in the end, I had the whole harddisk deleted (save for the IMPORTANT files, of course - and yes, A.N.T backups are among those ^^) and reinstalled with a new OS - well, if you can describe Win2000 as 'new'. ^^; It's really an amazing experience, he runs so smoothly now that I feel like I've gotten a whole new computer. The only bad thing I can possibly come up with is that if Knud-Werner had TRULY gone bye-bye, I'd have had an incentive to buy a laptop instead, which would save me from writing my exam papers by hand. -_-; But, really, I'm more than satisfied with NOT having to pay 6000 kr+ for a new computer - and instead having my old computer be as new. ^^

...Yes, this means there'll be an update on Monday. Well, unless I get struck by a meteor or something (which with the odd luck I've been having lately wouldn't be THAT improbable) obviously. Satisfied?

I know I am. ^^

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Would you believe that things just got even worse?

Well, I feel I should keep you guys updated on the situation, even if there aren't any comic updates. So, remember the post about me being unable to go online but still able to finish comics? (You damn well should - it's the one right below this one.) Well, that is not the case anymore. This Sunday, my computer decided to close-to-completely die on me - right now it is in some sort of emergency state, unable to burn backup disks, show more than 640x480 resolution with 16 colors, open the majority of standard programs and of course go online. Basically, I can't even FINISH comics right now, even less upload them. And if that wasn't enough, my iPod is broken as well. It has to be a conspiracy. -_-;

We're having a guy over to look at the computer Thursday, though, so I'll probably know more about what is going on and hen it will be solved by then. Look out for further updates.

In completely unrelated news, I like cookies.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


This is my oddest excuse so far...

So, UHC already posted a warning about this, but I thought I'd elaborate on it myself. Well, as she said, I'm without internet acces currently, and that obviously means that I can't really update. So how come I am writing this post ON THE INTERNET you ight want to ask? The answer: Magic. No, really, I'm just using my mom's laptop - for some reason whatever problem it is that has destroyed my web access chose only to attack my computer and our router, go figure. So the problem is pretty obvious: I can draw and finish comics alright, and I can answer emails and go online thanks to mother, but there is no way I can actually uplod any CONTENT to the site without installing a cartload of space-craving programs on my mom's computer, and I have a hunch she won't be very happy with that. ^_~; The worst part is that I have no ideawhen the problem will be solved. It could be tomorrow,o r it might not end before I buy a brand new computer! ;_; I'll try to work on updates as usual as long as this is going on (though it's harder without the promise of actually putting something up) so that once I get back I'll have a decent buffer. Sorry to everybody who was waitingfor an update, it feels so bad to fail you like this... Man, this really does suck. I can't even put up a sprite filler,for chrissakes!

Also, mom's keyboard is HELL to type on.

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Monday, January 09, 2006


Damn it.

Okay, this is just stupid: I've been working constantly for two days straight to at least get the comic done for today, and what happens? CG changes completely over to the stupid new siteadmin that I can't log into AT ALL, so I can't update the main page.

Oh well - at least it will be up in ten minutes. Incentive is there as well, by the way.

Maybe I should just change the schedule to Tuesdays...

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Monday, January 02, 2006


Booyah! 61!

Yeah yeah yeah! Back on track! When I said I update on January 2, I UPDATE on January 2nd! ^____^

...so, yes, it's late. -_-; But hey, it IS up on the right date, right? And come on, the weekend was NEW YEAR'S EVE. It's not exactly the most obvious day of the year to be working hard, is it? ^_~

Incentive is the design for the awesome Pink Flash T-shirt. I want one.


Okay, okay, and I was delayed because I got my doll as well. Damn it. ^^;

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