Sunday, February 26, 2006



Do you know the feeling when you spend all day on something that doesn't work out in the end after all? Then would you guess that that is exactly the way I feel right now? I knew you would.

So, comic is not finished, even though I spent most of today working on it. That might of course be because the work I did on it was INKING work, but I digress. ^_~ My scanner hasn't been reinstalled since the last computer repair, so I sadly can't put out the line art in the short time it would've had to be up in (since I really, really need to sleep). I'll try to finish the comic as soon as possible, though, but I do have a regular shitload of homework wanting to be handed in the first three days of this week and a 52% majority of the voices in my head tell me that they should take first priority. FYI, out of the remaining voices, 35% tell me I should screw school and do the comic, 12% tell me to strive for harmony of work and leisure, and 1% tell me I need to eat more Apple Pie. Which is kind of a problem since I don't really like Apple Pie. At all.

So, what this boils down to: Comic is realistically close to being done, and depending on how hard/time consuming/brutally violent homework will be, it should be up withing the forseeable future. Until then, I bring you: Ducks.


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Monday, February 20, 2006


Against all odds!

So, can you spot anything different about this update? Say, in the coloring? *NudgeNudge* ^______^

Random Imaginary Person: "Er...no."

Ida: *Beats Random Imaginary Person into a bloody pulp*

Yup, there is SOMETHING different about the coloring. Glad you could see that. ^_^

RIP: "Mrrrppphhh!"

Ida: *Ignores RIP* So, what is that difference? Why, what else than that the coloring wasn't done by me. In fact, this page was scanned, cleaned up, colored and lettered by the amazing FriedDeer (who is probably never going to forgive me for abusig her slave labour like this). We had been planning to do this for a while (yup, she did want to do the coloring - but that was before trying it) as a training for her own webcomic - which IS going to go online soon, right?, FD? And when it turned out that I wouldn't be able to color the comic myself this week because, guess what, Knud-Werner is broken again, the deal was as heaven sent. Thank you for saving my butt, FD. ^^ By the way, if people are worried about next week's udate: I'll have the repairman look at Knud-Werner this Wednesday,so he should hopefully be fine again bynext Monday. ^^

While we're at the thankings: This page was in part (especially the Jester's absurdly lame pun) written by the always cool Skyen; and if any of you haven't noticed (how could you?) the cameo is of course Jester from his own comic, Artist's Block .^^

Finally: A slightly delayed incentive (also scanned by FD, since she is, as said, awesome) featuring a sneak peak at what I'm currently, slowly working at.


You know, not coloring the comic this weekend, I ended up actually missing it. O_o;

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Sunday, February 12, 2006



Things to be said about this update:

1) Oh my f*cking flying Batman: Incentive again! Vote for an overview of the most scandinavian latino in existance.

2) Yup, this is where the chapter's title comes from.

3) It IS true: This monstrousity of a song really exists - and there's a dance that goes with it (not the one the characters are dancing, though...). I learned it through a particularly sadistic choir teacher. (And for the non-danish speakers: Just rest assured in the confidence that this song is horrible. You do NOT want it translated.)

4) No, I'm don't think that's proper samba. In fact, I'm pretty convinced it's nowhere near proper samba. But then again, when were children's dance lessons ever exact? ^_~

5) The fonts I use for the comic don't have danish characters - which means I drew in every Æ and Å by mouse. Be proud of me.

6) Aye, there be cameos. A cookie to those who finds them. ^^

Hmm... can't think of any more interesting things to say.


Oh yes: The world needs more Cotton Candy. There is that. ^_^

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Friday, February 03, 2006


Well, At Least I'm Not Having Computer Problems Anymore...

Just a short note to inform you all that I'll sadly not be able to update this Monday, as I'm currently buried deep in the Middle Ages. Which means that I'm busy writing the 8-page History project I was most likely supposed to have started on week ago (my teacher is... economic when it comes to practical information). Well, at least this was a foreseen problem - had it not been for certain *ahem* technological issues, I would've been up to page 65 by now, and probably feeling fine about taking this week off. *Sigh* -_-;

*Goes back to reading Christine de Pisan*

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