Wednesday, July 19, 2006


KA-BLAM! Update!

Yeah, I'm not completely gone. :3 This week, we just might learn a bit more about how things actually work at the Pink Side of the Force (if I haven't made the font too small, that is).

In fact, this update was very, very close to Not Going Up - as of posting this, I should've been to bed two hours ago if I wanted a good nigth's sleep before leaving on my next rtrip, but hey, who needs sleep when they can do webcomics? Because of that, I haven't moved the birthday fanarts to the gallery yet, and page 38 still isn't colored (or in it's right place, for the matter - a fanarts is currently taking up it's date, so I smply uploaded it as yesterday's comic, for continuity's sake), but unless I get page 80 done on the trip, those things will be #1 priority once I get back. ^_^

Oh, and since I think I forgot to post this: A great and heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to teh Anniversary. You're all win and amazing! *Dishes out the Neverending Love - as promised*

And now, I'm off to Sweden! *Sighs at the neverending travelling*

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