Friday, March 31, 2006



hi ppl!1!!!!

LOL bunny is so KAWAII!1!!!!!!!11!!1!!

ur probly wondrin wats happend to teh comci. well tats Bceause ive taked over makin it from ida. only she dosn't now yet lolroflmao!!!!!!!1!!!1! ^___^ im SIGNE and im baka ida 's littel sister (im only 12!!!!1 :O) an now im makin tis comic realy cool! bcaus idas comic suXX0rs!!!1!! but mine is much better, it has BUUNYS! also no insekt bcaus insect suXX0rs 2!!1!!! and smell. but now thre is bunnys and hat is sooooooooooooooooo cool i <3 bunnis yay bunnys!!!!!1!!!!!1111!!!! much coler tan baka stupid ida nee-san (idiott lol!) who maked teh stupid comci but not ny more now its realy cool and with bunnys!!!!!!!1!!!'

also plz send me FAN ART!!!!1!!!!!11!1! best is of bunny... <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3!

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Monday, March 27, 2006



Okay, in case anyone hadn't guess it, this is not the final version of today's comic. Not very amazing. On the other hand, it being up at all is pretty amazing given the fact that I only started drawing it Saturday morning. So all's good, right? I can just finish the s´hading today and the problem will be gone, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no. While I'll try not to make this another page 58, I simply don't know when I'll have time to finish it up since school is going to be a real bitch for the next fewdays. Damn you, school.

Also, on a completely unrelated note (or perhaps not so unrelated since it would probably have been different had I had more time to spare this weekend) today's incentive is a completely A.N.T-unrelated sketch that I thought was cool.

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Monday, March 20, 2006


Hey look! An update!

Yup, and finishing it up only took me four hours. ^___^ (crap.)

Sorry about the lousy compression job, this was the best I could manage without ending up with a 600+ KB file. Yeah, I need to learn not to use so many patterns and gradients. ^_^;

And now: Vote. My amazing powers of sugary popcorn compell you to vote!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


You know, I actually DO have an update ready... well, sorta

So, apparently CG won't let me log in via neither ftp nor Siteadmin. And that is despite the fact that I actually DO have something to upload, and that for the third week in sequence. Damn you CG for ruing my back-on-schedule record! >_< Okay, technically the page isn't shaded or highlighted and the text needs some tweaking, but it was still an update... I really hope CG feels better tomorrow so I can update then. >.< But meanwhile, why don't you vote to see my designs for this episode's moster-of-the-day and an additional device? ^_^ Yes, designs BEFORE the character/object appears in the comic. I'm actually quite proud of that... And of the design.

*Hates on the CG auto-update system*

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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Well, I UPDATE...

First of all: Incentive yay! Vote for more midgets!

Secondly: Yes, this is the comic that was basically done last week, and yes, it should have been up last wednesday and not today. But, I was ill most of last week, and when I finally recovered, I had to take care of the oceans of homeowrk that had been piling up while I was away, meaning that I couldn't get to finish the comic before Friday - and since I spent all of Saturday at the Opera watching Götterdämmerung (God, that rocked!) it wasn't finished before today! O_O; Uhm, I'll try to... NOT do that next week. ^_~

(Also, Mission: Propaganda has restarted with the reemergence of the Newsbox plus a CG pog and TWC gateway link currently in the process of approval! Yay!)


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