Monday, June 23, 2008


There is an update

Happy now? ^_~

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Friday, June 20, 2008


Celebrating 4 Years of Bug-chick & Friends

...wait, it's been FOUR YEARS? No way! If that was the case, I'd had to have been... (ack!) 16 years old when I started this thing!

*checks calender*

...Okay, I WAS 16 years old when I started this thing. Damnit.


So, four years of A.N.T? Well, I hope you'll agree with me that we've moved SOMEWHERE, if not as far as I'd expected us to have back when I was... y'know... 16 years old. Art-wise, I'd definitely say I've improved, and though that is a more subjective field, I believe my writing has become, if not better, then at least more focused and planned than it was four years ago. But you're not really interested in that. You just want to know when the next comic comes out.

And to that, I say: june 23rd, aka this Monday. It's the third time I post that, but repeating things thrice is never bad.

Gah, I suck at writing long-winded nostalgic blog posts in the middle of the night. This one sounded so.. grand in my head, and yet ended up this... well, not-grand on the screen. I'll try and write something better tomorrow when I'm less impossibly tired and more awake.


By the way, that picture is 100% hand-made (as you could probably tell from that lame background). No computers - only lightbox, xerox, cut-and-paste and markers. Though I suppose the xerox thing should technically count against the hand-made score...

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Now broadcasting from home!

(But still not in updating condition, damn it)

Greetings, imaginary and astonishingly corporeal people of the interwebs! I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news. Normally, in a situation like this, you'd ask the other party if they want the good news or the bad news first, but since this is a blog post and thusly a very much single-directional way of communicating with many recipients, I'll just give you the news in the order that makes the most sense. Okay?

Good news first: I'm online again! Yay yay yay yay! And there was much rejoicing.

...okay, so maybe that's not really that spectacular a news-piece, considering that the very fact that this post is posted at all, is, in it self, pretty solid proof that I'm online. So what this really means is that I'm online on my OWN computer - in other works, it's back from the repair shop and in actual working condition! Yay! ...and that leads us to the BAD news. Y'see, repairing my computer apparently meant 'replacing the whole damn hard drive' to the people in the shop, which means that I've lost not just everything I've done for the comic since I last made a backup in December (not that bad, it's only two pages or so and I still have the originals) and every plotting and website file ever written (worse), but also Paint Shop Pro (worst). Oh, sure, I still have the CD, but it's stored in my everthing-computery box back in Copenhagen, so I can't reinstall before I get home, which means not coloring or even lettering before June the 16th, at the earliest. (That's a bit of good news, though - it's less than two weeks 'till I get home, so the wait shouldn't be unbearable). And more good news: I have a buffer! Yes, seriously. It's not the biggest buffer in the world, but it's the biggest I've had since I started this damn thing, and I intend to expand it before I finally start updating again so you can be sure of updates for the future. Good, right? Of course, due to the PSP thing, it's a B/W buffer, so I'll still have to color in 'real time', but it still beats the crap out of rushing the whole process every weekend.

So, I take it you want to know when to finally expect new updates? Well, I'll be leaving Viborg on June 15th, and there's no way I can finish a whole page the same evening I move home (especially not now that I've lost all my color swatches and have to find them all again in old comics), and I want to stick with the Monday schedule, so... does Monday June 23rd sound good to you? We'll have passed the 4th anniversary by then (it's June 20th, if that interests anyone), but considering how little I've been updating for the last year, I'd say skip the past and focus on the future. I want A.N.T's 5th anniversary to be a real achievement to celebrate. (You're still very welcome to send in stuff for this anniversary, though... ^_~ I made a little thing myself, too.)

And now to something completely different: This weekend, I went to Denmark's only comics convention, Komiks.dk, and had an absolutely fabulous time! Thanks for a great weekend and greetings to Frieddeer, Skyen, Gwennafran, Mona (ha! I still remember your name... what was your internet handle, again?), Paranoid, Turi (sorry I didn't have time to hang around more -but Cap WAS right), Usk, the people from school (esp. Belinda, Karen, Tanja and Frederikke) and the billions of people whose names I'm a real dick to forget so quickly, but nonetheless HAVE forgotten. I need one of those 'my best friends'-books 5th graders have, and I need EVERYONE I meet to write in it. And give me photos. In and out of cosplay. -_-;
Despite my pathetic people-memory, it WAS a great time - we went there on a SCHOOL TRIP, believe it or not (in this aspect, drawing school pwns every other conceivable type of school), but there was no planned programme, so I could do all of the autograph-hunting I wanted (read: autographs from everyone I'd heard about) - I got Jean-Claude Meziers to draw Laureline, I got Alessandro Barbucci to draw Elyon, AND I got the god himself, Don Rosa, to sign that particular story of his I read so many times as a kid that half of the pages are falling out of the mag and the cover has been taped together. Yes, good times. (Also got Kurt Busiek and my second Peter Madsen.) Saw a few panels and interviews as well, though the ones I REALLY wanted to see had either started when we arrived or didn't start before after our bus back to Viborg left. Oh well, at least that means the arrangers had made a program interesting enough to make me feel bad about missing some of it - and that is an awesome feat in itself. Kudos to those guys. ^_^

... but yes, this ALSO means I was actually home this weekend, and I forgot to pick up PSP. I suck infinitely. -_-;;; I think I'll just end this post now and go bury my head in shame.

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