Thursday, August 31, 2006


Iceland and other notes

Okay, I'm in a bit of a hurry, so this will just be a short notice, since it just occured to me that I've completely forgot to mention my upcoming (nth this year) trip. Here goes then: from tomorrow and until Wednesday next week, I'll be in Iceland on a school field trip, collecting and dissection various innocent pieces of the local fauna (I'm going with my Biology high level [I have NO CLUE what the real term is in English] class). You can probably guess what this means to updating. Well, except for the fact that there's a actually a little filler-ish thing (that I've had prepared for ages) going up this Monday, which is ironic because it's a filler substututing no update and probably bring me one step further towards being a comicing failure.

Secondly, I'm really sorry that I've been neglecting the comic so much in the last few weeks. It's not just the lack of updating - I haven't tidied up the archives after the Birthday yet, nor have I gotten those hangover pages from Episode 3 colored. And it really annoys me because, hell, I love A.N.T. I think about the comic every day, I get, change or discard story ideas everytime I see something interesting around me, and the characters probably occupy a football field-sized area of my subconscious by now. So, if anyone were worried, rest assured that I'm NOT giving up on this one! Nowhere near, in fact. There's nothing (okay, I lied; I'd probably prefer World Peace) I'd like more than pumping out these pages at a steady pace - it's just the part that includes actually doing so that causes me some trouble. Again, I'm not going to make promises anymore, but I'll TRY to get back into schedule once I'm home - September is a busy month for me, though, with Kodachicon and my birthday and whatnot... but hey, who said you HAD to do your homework instead of comics? ^_~;

(If you're interested in ACTUAL progress, BTW, page 82 is now inked and scanned, and page 83 is in the beginning of the penciling stage. Yay.)'

BTW BTW You're all awesome for sticking with me and the comic through these ocea´ns of suckiness. *Hugs*

And finally? Ungeren bli'r! (Because I need it as a plot point in Episode 5, that's why.) ^_~

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Monday, August 21, 2006



As you might have guessed by, uhm, looking at the front page, there is no update. There are three reasons for that situations: Firstly, I suck. Secondly, I had a hard time actually planning the missing page and the whole sequence that is going to open Episode four. Thirdly, time is a tricky thing. I've lost any sense of what timing is necessary to juggle both school and updates successfully (okay, so I NEVER had that sense - but it was not THIS bad last fall) during the break, so I have to get into shape. That, and I made a LOT of sudden appointments over Sunday, where I was really supposed to ink and color the comic that is currently only halfway inked.

So, what is the time plan for that poor update, you ask? Experience has made me wise, and I will no longer give insensible promises that I might not keep - so let's just say that I'll try and do it soon, and there'll at least be one update next Monday, okay? I thought so. ^_~

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Monday, August 14, 2006



(But, before you give up on me for good, it's a short one. Honestly.)

Actually, the page for tomorrow was on schedule all through the drawing, inking and cleaning up-phases, but because my computer decided to be an ass this afternoon, I started coloring it a little too late to make the schedule. All it currently lacks is the darkshading and a few text effects, which could probably be done in 1½ hours or so (especially since this is an episode splash page, so there's less to actually color) - but I'm currently trying to turn my sleeping habits around to prepare for school (which starts in three days) so that last hour of work will have to wait until tomorrow or I won't make it past day one of my third year of High School. And we can't have that, can we? ^_~

Sorry to anyone who was staying up/wasting time watching this space - but honestly, I thought you'd learned what kind of webcomic creator I am by now? ^_^;

See ya in the morning!

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006



Did anyone guess that an honest-to-God UPDATE was coming? I thought not.

Wow... With this page, Episode 3: Samba Ay-ya-ya is officially and completely OVER. Okay, there are still a few (dozen) pages (including this one) that need to be touched up/shaded/colored before I can honestly say that Episode 3 belongs to the past, but still - everything is now drawn and available for your reading pleasure. That feels quite good. Especially considering that I spent a little more than 10 months on the damn thing, as opposed to the 6 months of Episode 1 and the 8 of Episode 2. Uh-oh. I think I'm noticing a rather uncomfortable pattern here...

Anyway, I'm off to Greece now and won't be home until the 8th, so play nice while I'm gone - and if you could make that TV series reality in the mean time, that would be greatly appreciated. ^_~

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