Sunday, November 26, 2006


Yo Guys!


...yep, I'm late again. Makin' a habit of that, it seems... But well, at least I'm not THAT late this time, since all I need to do is the computerwork (probably thanks to some demon I don't recall making a pact with but must've done anyway, I managed to draw AND ink A WHOLE PAGE in a matter of 5 HOURS today! Yes, that is a record). Therefore, yeah, you'll probably see a Tuesday update once again. Come to think of it, why don't I just admit my defeat and move to a Tuesday schedule altogether? -_-; (Well, aside from the fact that that would with 99% certainty justify a move to a Wednesday schedule 6 months from now...)

Also, to those of you who have made me filler arts that got nuked from the archives this month and STILL aren't up in the gallery with due credit, my deepest apologies. I haven't forgotten you, updating the gallery is just one of those tasks that are oh-so-easy to push beind other, superficially more urgent things... It WILL be done. And it WILL be done this week. Otherwise, you may throw me off a church tower (it's quite hard to find a suitable skyscraper here...) Really.

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Monday, November 20, 2006


Status update!

Current progress:

Pencilling: 100%
Inking: 100%
Scanning and editing (with Knud-Wener, which makes finishing this stage an achievement in itself): 100%
Coloring: 60%
Shading: 0%
Lettering: 0%

Chances that this comic will be finished today: Absolutely zero %
Chances that this comic will be finshed tomorrow: 75% (Depending on whether or not I will go to choir practise and/or eat out with mom. #2 is definately the preferred reason for lateness, but #1 is probably the most realistic... -_-; )

I need sleep.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006


So... well...

Okay, yeah, I'm late. You guessed it. Absolutely, intolerably LATE.

As noted last week, I've been in Berlin for most of this week (a wonderful excursion, by the way - Berlin is still undoubtly THE coolest city in all of Europe... accoring to me, that is. Sorry, Copenhagen, you just can't beat Die Hauptstadt Europas.) followed immediately by having Sigge over for 24 hours (which was a lot of fun as well) and today... well, today was just one of THOSE DAYS. Okay, the ral reason why I didn't work as much as I should today was that my mom had one of her 'let's clean and tidy up EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE' days, and since I live pretty much symbiotically with her (in terms of room usage that is - not something yucky. Really.) it was quite hard (read: impossible) for me to find time to sit down, apparently inactively, and work on the comic.

So, how far am I? Well, further than nowhere at all, but still a long way from finished. Luckily, I have an almost-day off tomorrow (one single lesson in the early morning and the rest of the day off) so unless something goes completely wrong (and since this is me, of course something will) I'll get a lot further tomorrow, so currently, my goal is to have a completely finished page done at the latest by Tuesday evening. Hopefully, that is.

BTW, how many parantheses did I make in this post? (hint: a lot...)

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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Ultra-short notice

1) This lacks shading. Sorry.

2) I'm off to Berlin as in NOW and won't be home before Friday.

3) You're all awesome for sticking with me and my erraticness.

4) Yes, there's an ACTUAL UPDATE coming in 1½ hours. Go me.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Back from ze J-pop!

(Yes, I know it's been a while since I got home. Danish essay got in the way. Bear with me. ^_~)

Yay! J-popcon was the epitome of awesome! Thank you to everyone who bought something from Skyen's and my table or just stopped to have a chat and a flyer! ^_^ BTW, the table was actually a success - though I didn't sell everything, I did manage to cover all my production costs AND have a print get sold out ("Sheepy" was gone by noon Sunday). I've got a few A3 posters left over that I might be selling thru the site, but I'm not sure about the price or how to do it yet. Expect more news about that soonish. ^_~

Also, a big a heartfelt welcome to any brave person who actually went to the trouble of typing in that long address from the flyer I squeezed into their hands. I hope you'll enjoy the comic - it's not a as freaky as it looks. Okay, so it iS as freaky as it looks, but at least according to some people, it's good as well. AND according to all my sources (i.e. my gut feeling) it will start having new updates this Monday. Yay.

Finally, a shoutout to Sigge/Fried Deer, UHC, Skyen, CrimsonCat (an extra point of awesomeness to you for actually managing our booth for a short while) Emucat, Kitsune and all the other people I'm too sleep-starved to remember the names of but who nonetheless hang out with me and thus enhanced my con experience with their awesomenes. You rock. ^_^

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