Sunday, December 10, 2006


I've finally...

... figured out what's wrong with me. See, when I'm doing more than one deadlined task at a time, I have have HAVE to do them in order. That is, I can't manage to work on something due on, say, Monday, before whatever it is I have due Thursday is done. And at the same time, I am also what my father calls a "deadline rider": someone who never finishes anything until the second before it has to be finished. Curiously, this week, I have TWO things due on a Monday.


...yes, I'm late again. All because of #¤%&/? Johannes Møllehave and his childhood - you know, one of those essays you have to write because everything else in the booklet would either take a week to write, require you to elaborate on What Art Is (and if taking Art as an optional course this year has taught me anything, that is that I Have No Frickin' Clue) OR just be so boring that my brain would, litterally, melt. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm suddenly very thankful for Johannes Møllehaves childhood memoirs...

Oh, comic. Right: I'll have to admit that I'm not very far in the progress, and tomorrow, I HAVE to get some bio done (so I won't have to do it later in the week when I haven't finished the comic anyway, that's why. Yes, that's what happened two weeks ago.) so a Tuesday update is out of the question. I'm striving for Wenesday night currently, so please, cross your fingers for me. ^_^

(BTW, though: I actually DID do some more comic-related work this weekend: Saturday, I went to a certain place that is very special and very possibly (and sadly) historical-by-the-timeI-get-to-use-it-in-the-comic (which would be Episode 5) and did a lot of very ugly sketches as well as generally absorbing the mood and feel of the place. Yes, I'm finally using some sort of research for this comic. Go me.)

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Monday, December 04, 2006


See what I said?

(Or rather: see what I said two days ago?)

Yes, an update. Ka-BOOM! I know you're surprised... But if you look closer, that's not all. Yes, I finally pulled my ass together and updated the fanart gallery with the MASSIVE (well, for my standards, anyway) backlog of fanarts/giftarts/fillers that had been building up since May(!) this year. It was pain, but, it's done. Yay. ALSO new is that neat little scrollbar now located under every comic page in the archives and here on the main page that gives you the ability to jump between epiodes and scenes a lot easier than before (no more remembering on what date #50 was uploaded to go back and admire that panty-shot time and time again, for instance - yes, I know you do it). At the same time, I removed the top navigators from the main page - on a widescreen, they kept you from seeing more than a few pixels of the comic when the page first loads, and since the comic IS supposed to be the main attraction of a comic page, that was not good. They're still there on all the archive pages, to make navigation easier, so I hope you can forgive having to scroll down over the page on the main page. ^_^

Also, Christmas (and Hannukah, Yule, Kwanza, and whatever else you might want to celebrate around Midwinter) is drawing nigh, and to celebrate that, I'll... do nothing. Okay, of course I'll do a Christmas filler and stuff like that, but as it is, my Chistmas present to you guys will simply be a month of regular updates. Well, so I hope. ^_^; (But hey, that IS quite good too, isn't it?) Anyone starving for a full blown Holiday extravanganza might want to check out my friend UHC's Suicidal Killers, which is currently running an an-update-a-day Christmas Special/Advent Calender. (Warning: might not always be safe for work... or your mind. XD)

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Sunday, December 03, 2006



(In case you were wondering about the headline, that's the opposite of 'yo'. Deep, I know.)

Ok, so, yes, I've been very dead. I suspect school as the main course of my death, however, my returning to two much-neglected extracurricular activities might have had a part in the happenings, as might a party and a familiy-Christmas-thing this weekend. What is for sure, though, is that I'm not dead anymre, and that the updates I promised to get finished by Tuesday WAS actually finished. Only not by Tuesday. A bit later. Yesterday, actually. So, since it took SO long to finish up (and because I forgot to upload it before leaving for the beforementioned party) I decided to push it's upload date to Monday, making last week's update be this week's update insted of last week's update falling on a Saturday and this week having no update (because I had no time to start the next page after I finished this one). It makes sense in my mind, at least. Also, for those who are sick and tired of the bug-pages (yes, I know you are), I can perhaps ease your pain by telling you that this termite scene will only last for two more updates past this one, and then we won't see those guys for a loooong while.
...well, unless I chance the script on a whim as I usually do.

So: Sorry for last week's 100% lacking update, AND: update will be up in 30 minutes. Rejoice.

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