Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ramble, now with extra added fun-fun DELAY!

Gah, have I been busy lately! Busy looking at ABJD sites (Asian Ball Jointed Dolls - my newest craze), okay... BUT busy in general as well. ^_~

Anyway - So, once again, I'm going to have to skip an update. Trust me, I hate doing this, but at least this time it's for a not-so-sucky reason... namely the small fact that I'm turning 18 this Sunday! Yay! ^^ And in order to celebrate my newfound maturity, I'm going to have a group of friends over to (most likely) play mind-bending-and-really-stupid-looking-games, eat pizza and sing along loudly to the Hamtaro theme in Dutch. Also David Donofrio. So, the point is, since I ALSO have a cosplay appointment with Sigge and the unimportant thing known as *cough*familybirthdaywithBIGpresents*cough*, my weekend is so over-booked that I quite simply don't have time to cram out a page. Well, unless you let me do it with sprites, a stolen script and in MS Paint, of course. Come to think of it, I already DID that...

Page will be up next Monday, though, and I'll try to be more on time from now on - all these delays and skippings annoy me as much as it (hopefully? On one hand, fanatic fans are awesome, but on the other... Ow! That's my kidney, I need that!) does you. Which might not be much, but anyway... ^_~

Oh, right, I seem to have promised to say something about this page, so here goes: First of all, this page lacks SHINY! I had to finish it in a hurry, so I didn't have time to put in the sparkle effects I wanted (read: any), and the effect is that the picture looks horribly flat to me. That might just be the shading, though. ^_~ Same thing goes for the background (sans tree) which was made on the computer in literally ten minutes and looks like that. That is, it looks like ten minutes. Max. Other things I hate? Oh, yeah, Emme's tongue. Now I wish I'd just made it teeth, though if I'd done that I'd probably be wishing I'd gone for an open mouth now. ^_~

Posistive thoughts? What, you're asking me to be POSITIVE about my OWN stuff? Crazy imaginary person. Well, if I have to: I like the lineart. The characters turned out almost exactly as I wanted them, even if the composition was changed a bit (originally, Jennifer and Mariam were supposed to be visisble in the background).

Okay, my brain says that I should stop writing this nonsense and go to bed, so I will obey. You should always obey brains. They're generally more right than your kidneys.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005



I actually made it! O_O Quite amazing, considering that this picture wasn't even sketched before about 10 o' clock last night! *Pats self on back*

Ah, well, chapter page for episode 3. What to say about it? Well, except OHMYGODFANSERVICEDON'TLOOKATMETHATWAYIDIDN'TDOITONPURPOSE!!!!11!!one!, that is? This page was actually something of an experiment, even if it's probably not visible in the final file: This page has the honor of being the first thing I ever crapped up with soft shading instead of the ordinary crapping-up with cell shading. I still don't know if I like the end result (if there actually IS a difference, that is), but at least, it was a fun experiment. And slightly faster than the ordinary shading as well. I'll say some more inspired things about the new episode once I'm not high on lack of sleep and Full Moon wo Sagashite music.

Uhm... there seems to be a problem with the tagboard currently, but I swear I didn't do it! Honestly! -_-;

By the way, the newest voting incentive is a double partrait of Mo and Sanus, the last one from the batch the last few incentives have been from. And that means I'll have to scan stuff again.


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Thursday, September 15, 2005



Done. A week, four days and 20 hours late, but still: DONE. And so is Episode 2, I hope it ended up making sense. ^^

Now I just hope I still have time left to do next week's update...^^;

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Apologies... and more

ATTENTION: Before everything else, I beg you (or at least those of you who're american and/or [unlike me] have a credit card) to please go and support the Webcomic Telethon. For those who don't know, this is basically a fundraising project to support the victims of the New Oroeans hurricane, to which a great number of webcomic creators, including some CG'ers, have contributed. I really wanted to produce a comic for the telethon, but it was impossible with school taking so much of my time, so this is the least I can do to help these neglected people *long rant about the Bush administration snipped*

Ahem. Okay, with that over: matters that actually relate to the comic: As you can see, I finally put up a filler comic, supplied by the genuinely amazing Skyen (who actually sent it to me last week without me even asking for it). Skyen, I'm so sorry I didn't put up the filler in the first place when I knew I couldn't make this deadline, you're an awesome guy and you hereby have the right to to stab me with Mr. Blade. Because, yes, the comic is late. For the second time. I suck so unbelievably much. The thing is this: I worked my butt off for most of last week to get both the comic and a great load of homework done and DID actually have it all scanned by late Friday evening. My plan was to color the comic as soon as I got home from Kodachicon, which I expected would be around 8 p.m. on Sunday, so i could concentrate on the NEXT heapload of homework on Monday and Tuesday. As you can see, this plan didn't work out. In fact, I ended up coming home from the con ½ hour before my bedtime, time which was exclusdiovely spent unpacking, eating and telling my mom about the experience. According to plan, though, I shouldn't have any accute homework tomorrow, so (hopefully) I will get the comic done there, and then it'll be up tomorrow or Thursday. I'll do my best, at least, and please forgive me for being so unthinkably sucky. ^^;

Oh, and if anyone wants to know, the con was a blast. I won 3rd place in the drawing competition (O_O), hung out with truly awesome people (that's you, M-chan and Sigge) and played so much DDR that my feet still hurt. I want that game.

Finally, once again, there's a new incentive up: This week, we have another sketch from the same batch as the others, but to fit the current scene, this one is of Mariam.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Uhm... yeah...

*Edit: I was having some problems with blogger... or was it CG?... which is why the post wasn't up before now*

Uhm... er... *shuffles feet*

Okay, I'll say it: There'll be no comic up tomorrow. This is basically due to the war with DrunkDuck which is so important that it must take priority over doing this comic... But really, it's not. Put down the blunt objects, please!
The REAL reason why there will be no comic is simply that I've been a combination of really busy for all of Monday, Tuesday, (not Wednesday), Thursday, Friday and Saturday and really lazy for all of today. I also had homeowrk and lack of sleep for today, so it wasn't really ALL laziness, but the fact remains that there is no comic. What is worse, the schedule is going to be screwed because I'll be at Kodachicon in Lund for all of next weekend, which is awesome, but also means less comic-drawing time. So, here's what I can do: I'll draw away on page 53 from now on so it'll be up at the very latest on next Monday, and then I'll put up the next page (which is the cover for Episode 3) up on Monday the 18th. Sorry about the skippings and delays, but it's the best I can do now. I'll try to be more on schedule from now on.

...there'll be a new voting incentive featuring Jennifer up tomorrow. Man, I feel dirty saying that... ^^;

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