Friday, June 29, 2007



Oy! If you were wondering why I've been quiet ever since I graduated, this post is for you. If you're just interested in when there's going to be comics again, skip to the last paragraph. Really, unless you're interested in grades and obligatory drinking, the rest of this post will be very boring.

So, anyway, as those that have been following my pathetic exam thread in the forums know, I graduated from High School this Tuesday with an average grade of 10,7 (I've been told that a 10 average is the same as an A average, which means this is actually above A - which makes absolutely no sense, but I don't have a better way to calculate it. ^_^;), and ever since, I've been either partying or sleeping, pretty much. I don't know if it's like this in other parts of the world, but in Denmark, graduation means unholy amounts of booze, and even though I don't really drink, I've been more or less voluntarily dragged to several events dedicated to just that, including one attempt to stay up till sunrise (I actually made it - though given that sunrise is approximately 4.20 AM, it isn't THAT impressive).

Tomorrow's the big one - first is the official graduation ceremony way too early in the morning (which is why I really should be sleeping and not writing this) and after that, we're going to spend 10-11 hours riding around in a van, drinking beer (I'm obliged to bring 6 24-packs for all the 13's I got...) visiting everyone in my class and most likely getting MORE booze from their well-intentioned parent. It's probably going to be great fun, and I'm probably going to be very dead afterwards. Yay. ^_^;

On the comic front, I actually got to work on the remaining Catnap pages today, and I got quite far, so depending on exactly HOW wasted I am after tomorrow, I hope to put them all up in a mass upload Sunday evening. Regular updates will then resume, either at some point in next week or next Monday, depending on whether or not my dad's going to take me on one of our traditional bike trips around the wet and windy July countryside. ^_^ Damn, I really can't wait to get creative again - my right cerebral hemisphere is feeling mightily under-stimulated right now...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Ceci n'est pas une anniversary post

(Before you skin me from that quote abuse, plese keep in mind that I haven't had one French lesson in my entire life)

So, no, this isn't a birthday post. There is going to be one, but that will be next Wednesday, when I'm safely out of Hell and can afford to look at my archives, do statistics, and possibly evem be funny again. That up there is, however, the first of the three fanarts I've received for this anniversary, which will be uploaded one at a time over the next three days. Yeah, it's a small party this year, but hopefully it'll be bigger next year, right? ^_~ (Also, if you happen to be miraculously sitting on a half-finished fanart, keep in mind that 'too late' is a hollow term when it comes to stuff relating to A.N.T - heck, I'm going to out up my birthday picture [if I even get to do one] a full week from now - so don't be afraid to join the party. There are plenty of cookies left.)

Speaking of cookies, here are a bunch for Skyen, who (obviously) created today's fanart.

Finally, before I go and get some highly necessary sleep, I'll just point out that for those hypothetically existing people who might be interested in my exam progress, there's now a thread in the forums dedicated to that subject - and because of that, I promise that I won't mention exams in the blog any more except to state that I am done with 'em.

Good night!

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Sunday, June 17, 2007


I still live (well, sorta)

(To those of you who managed to read the former post before it was deleted: Sorry. I'd just turned on the computer after a full day of studying in a full week of studying and was already tired, stressed and bitched at that point, so when the first thing I happened to see were a completely reasonable email and ditto tagboard post asking about progress, I suppose I just snapped. Having to spend all your waking hours thinking about Greek philosophers does that to you, I suppose.
But seriously, sorry. I'll remeber not to write blog posts on an angry whim in the future.)

Okay - a progress report has been requested, and a progress report shall be made. Why no progress report before, you might ask? Simple: Because there has been no progress.

My life currently consists of the following:

1) Getting up in the morning.
2) Studying.
3) Eating.
4) Studying.
5) If I've studied a lot, a short evening walk, which constitutes my only outside time.
6) Eating again.
7) Studying.
8) Sleep.

In fact, there's been several days where I haven't even turned on my computer. Thus, the lack of a status report comes simply from having nothing to report + no time to report it in. Yes, I have absolutely NO LIFE currently. -_-;

And the comic? Y'know, I dream about drawing it these days. Whenever I let my thoughts stray from basic needs such as feeding, sleeping, and ancient greek philosophy, I'm thinking about the comic. But drawing, no - the above image marks the first time I've put pencil to paper (other than to indulge in the written arts, of course) for almost two weeks. And yeah, that's part of why it's so crappy (the other part being that I drew it in five minutes).

Also, yes, that's my handwriting. Pathetic, isn't it?

Future plans? I'm trying to figure out some way to get the last crossover pages up this week, because the people responsible for the crossover are starting to want Catnap back (also, he really, really wants out). Said way will probably involve sketches and not be very pretty, but hopefully, it will be there.

And then next week I'll be free. That's right - if you hadn't already noted it, IDA GRADUATES ON JUNE 26TH. (There, that should be noticeable) And then there shall be life. Which is to say, comics. And it shall be good.

Finally, a reminded that the anniversary is technically this Wednesday, so if anyone have any fan-things (motivational posters [for me] would be helpful ^_~), please send them. You'll get cookies.

(Oh, and for those who care, I got an 11 [roughly equals A-] in Art. Yay.)

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Snail's Pace

(If this post read a bit hurried and incomprehensible, it's because I had o write it in five minutes. Next one will make more sense)

Sorry, everyone, for the large gap between the last update and this one. The thing is, my exams have started, and I'm currently supposed to be reading a combined 900 pages for the four examinations I have this year. And yes, of course I should've prepared for this - after all, I DID get my exam schedule weeks ago - but the thing is that I haven't. I suck. Now, I will do my best to finish the Catnap crossover as soon as possible, but since these are my all-deciding, irrevokable graduation exams, I simply have to give them prority over the comic. (At least, I don't think the me of three years in the future - or even the me of fourweeks from now - will be happy that I chose to draw a furry and a mecha beating up eachother instead of landing a good exam). Curently, my hopeful plan looks like this: page 3 today, page 4 friday (since that's right after my Art exam where I can actually afford to slack a bit) and teh next two updates next week. Keep in mind that this is my hopeful plan, though...

Also, I just noticed this, but the comic will reach it's 3rd anniversary in two weeks! O_o. (On June 20th, to be precise). Now, given my own inconsistence lately, I don't think I have the right to ask anything of you, so there will be no real birthday drive - but if some of you DO have something you want to send in and get featured on the comic's front page (pictures, legos, yuri lemons... wait, did I just write that?), that wuld indeed be very nice. In fact, it would probably make me squee like a fangirl.

So, just to sum things up: Exams make stuff slow(er). Catnap hopefully finishes next week. Birthday on the 20th. Ida graduates on the 26th, and the life (as in the comic) starts again.

And now: Picture analysis! Yay.

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