Sunday, May 28, 2006


For Your Information

Just a short point to remind you (and reassure myself) that I AM working on this. Working rather slowly, alright, but working nonetheless. As said, the updates are currently inconsistant, and so is my working schedule - I'm currently pencilling #77 and inking #76 at the same time.

If you don't belive me, the pencils for #76 have just been uploaded as today's voyting incentive; there's your proof! (And mine as well...)
BTW, if you go back through the archives, note that the shading on #74 has been finished as well. Yes, I work. Suuure.

So, while you wait for me to get off my butt and finish the next update, here's my personal top 3 of fansubbed anime you really, really should go watch in the mean time:

1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

- It's smart, it's clever, it's funny as well, it's well-animated, it's currently completely incomprehensible. Haruhi is the most popular show this season, and for good reason. If the last 5 episodes are as good as the first 8, this is a born classic.


Oh yes, this is a story about an ├╝ber-zealous high school girl and her quest to "find and have fun with" aliens, time-travellers, espers and other otherworldly beings - who it turns out she might actually be surrounded by.

2. Keroro Gunsou

- Keroro is a frog with a mission - to invade Pekopon (Earth)! Unfortunately, not only is he an unreedeable Gundam otaku, he is even worse at invading planets than the termites, especially after becoming integrated into the insane Hinata family. And the future just looks grimmer for the alien invasion after his mentally unstable, ultraviolent or just weird sub-ordinate military frogs and the people they have attached themselves to appear.
This really is just a very silly and highly enjoyable show about alien frogs and the people who love them. Okay, it's actually better than what I made it sound like there - Keroro is most likely THE funniest recent anime I've watched, and that does say something. I have no clue why so few people are following this.

3. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha season 1&2

- The name says it all. Or rather, it doesn't: This is something as weird as a magical girl series apparently targeted at teenage men. While that leads to a few *ahem* uncomfortable scenes early on, it also results in some of the most impressive fighting and storytelling I've ever seen in a Magical girl series (except for the Sailor Stars ending, perhaps). Really, once you get past the first few episodes of the first season, this is a true gem.

...And the fanservice is not REALLY that thick. ^_~ In fact, it disappears once the story gets going, so don't let that keep you from watching the series.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Of Yuri, Updates, and Whatnot

Okay, first things first: I haven't made a comic for tomorrow. Mostly because I spent all of this week preparing for my written math exam (which might be the last time I ever have to solve mathematical problems! Hallelujah!) and I simply needed to rewind and not do any work for some time after that. Plus I had a lot of fun happenings scheduled for this weekend, including a birthday and an ABJD meet-up (yes, them again). Don't fret, though, because once again Skyen has been nice enough to supply me with a filler that you guys can look at while I get the next comic finished. :3

Secondly: While I still haven't received any flames from angry soccer moms, I still feel that I should explain exactly what to expect after what happened in #74. Yes, this comic will feature lesbianism in some form or the other, but it will NOT be sexually explicit in any way. I'm aiming to handle this exactly like I would've handled a heterosexual crush, which is: comical, mostly sweet, and in the mood of this comic. Now, if that offends you, you're probably better off reading something else, but really, you have to be pretty weird to be offended by something this tame. I'm a bit unsure that this does to the comic's rating, so though I'll keep it PG for now, if someone out there is an expert in soccer-mom-approved ratings and can help me figure out the correct rating, feel free to email me. ^_^ I wouldn't like an american lawsuit, after all.

Thirdly: On Tuesday June 20st, which is exacly a little more than four weeks (or five mondays) from now, A.N.T will celabrate it's second anniversary. Coincidentally, counting tomorrow's update, there are exactly five pages left of Episode three. Guess what I'd like to do. ^_~ Yes, that is the reason I've been uploading all these half-assed pages instead of just skipping weeks when I didn't have time. Because honestly, finishing a chapter the day before a birthday just IS cool. Now, the thing is, while I'll most likely be getting out these five pages in some way or the other, this IS also my exam period, and as such, I alternate between periods of "plenty of free time" and periods of "OMG I have to read 35 pages fast!!!1!!!". So where this all least is here: For teh next five weeks I will be putting up an update for every week, however, there is no guarantee that this update will actually fall on the scheduled Monday (or be colored for the matter)! They WILL be done, however (and now that I've said that, of course, they won't.)

And, in the vein of the anniversary: Last year, I sent out a plea for fanart to put up during the birthday week, and you guys supplied me with some really cool pieces (and many more than I'd expected, if I may add). Because of that, as well as simply because I really like the concept, I'd love to repeat the feat. Therefore, if any of you have any A.N.T-fanart lying around or would like to make some for the anniversary, please please please send it to me so I can put it up during the birthday week. :3 Of course, like last year, you'll receive front page placement for at least a day, a link to your own comic/page beaneath the fanart, and of course my undying love.

I think that was all.

Oh, and Lordi redefine awesome. Really.

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