Monday, April 24, 2006


2x half-assed update!

(Yes, this post was suppoesed to go up yesterday)

Ok,you're probably wondering about two things right now: 1) Why are there two updates, and 2) Why the fuck are they so ugly? Well, the answer to both questions is actually the same: because Ida is busy and behind schedule. Wow. The first update, page 72, is really the update from last week that I promised to finish up (but, as you can see, didn't) and the second (uncolored) update is this week's scheduled one. So, why are none of them finished? Simple: Ida is hopelessly busy as allways. I quite simply didn't have time to finish up page 72 over last week, and trying to do so anyway resulted in me having ridiculously little time this weekend to draw page 73 between school prom, zoo visit and yet another physics assignment. Thusly, I ended up not being able to color the page. Why did I update, then? Well, I put up page 72 because page 73 wouldn't make any sense without it, and I put up page 73 because - well, I'm vain and didn't want to spoil my updating record. ^^;

So, here's the plan: Next weekend is going to be incredibly busy (due to GOOD things - I'll be spending all of friday with friends and the rest of the weekend at Komiks.dk, the first non-anime comic con I've ever been to) and I probably wouldn't have been able to do an update anyway, so I'll skip next week and spend the time saved on cleaning up this mess instead. Hopefully this won't be too annoying for any of you, and I (almost) promise to be back to normal updates the week after that. OK? ^_^

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Monday, April 17, 2006


Gah Gah GAH!

Yes, I'm late. Again. And the explanation is really long and complex and most likely just a bad excuse:

Firstly, I had Sigge over for two whole days Thursday and Friday, which was awesome but of course also cut into my drawing time quite a bit. Secondly, I had three school assigments to do for the upcoming week that I had of course been pushing as far as possible, out of which two were written Saturday. That, funnily enough, ALSO took time out from drawing. Thirdly, when Sigge was here we watched some anime. Sure, big deal. Well, the problem is that said anime was The End of Evangelion and it was my first time watching that thing ever. Thusly, I've been thinking far too much about symbolism and psychology in the last few days, on top of wasting drawing-time reading reviews and analysises of EoE online. Fourthly, well, it IS Easter, so I've been spending some time with my family as well.

Okay, so big deal, the comic is inked and scanned so I can just finish it tomorrow, right? Well, remember the part about THREE school assignments? Well, I've yet to finish the third, and since it's my part of a group assigment (biology project on the brain and sleep) it HAS to be finished before my group finds out I've been slack... er, doing other things all my Easter break. ^_^; And on top of that, tomorrow is pretty much booked out by a big family Easter get-together that I don't know when will end - which combined means that whatever spare time I'll have tomorrow will most likely go into the biology project, since I wasted my time reading EoE sites this evening. -_-;;;

So... I don't know when the comic will be finished, but I'll work my butt off from now on to make sure it will be soon. Promise? ^^

In the mean time, please vote. ^^

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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Wow, it's actually been quite a while since I last did this...

Okay, it had to come. C'mon, five weeks of straight updates - that just ain't normal, man!


Okay, so the thing is: There's not going to be an update at 24:00 this night, because I spent most of this weekend partying (yes, partying - okay, and obsessing over my doll. Sorry. -_-;) and thusly, I'm still only in the pencilling phase. I'll try to finish the pencilling tonight, though, and as this week is my easter break I'll hopefully be able to get inking and coloring done tomorrow. In other words, this isn't a skipped update, just a really, really late one. Sorry.

On a completely unrelated note, Sigge and Vibeke got me a custom made Hamtaro keyring with my name on it from Thailand. I'm currently in a state of partial shock, partial awe and partial denial. *Hides under her bed*

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Saccharine Sparklypink Explosion!

So you thought this couldn't get pinker or sparklier? Too bad. *Points to updated page* Sorry for forcing you all to take extra insuline shots. XD

Oh, and sorry about the nudity... Wait, there is no real nudity - it's all just Magical Girl fluff. But I did try and tone that down in this version nonetheless.

Whee! *Dies from saccharine overload*

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Monday, April 03, 2006


Startling revelation!

Okay, hands up everybody who hadn't guessed this.


What, no hands? Incredible...

(Okay, this is going to be short because I really need to sleep) This isn't the final comic - that will be much pinker - but I'll get that done tomorrow. Meanwhile, vote for the two-part sketch for this because I really like it. ^_^

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Sunday, April 02, 2006



First of all, my apologies to anyone who might have thought this real. Just to make things clar: No, I'm not going to stop making the comic (actually I never said that - I only said that Signe had hijacked it for the time being ^_~), No it will not be made in MS Paint (actually, it wasn't!), and no, there will not be bunnies. Also, I don't have a little sister named Signe. Heck, I don't even HAVE a little sister at all! ^_^;

Also, my apologies to all the sane 12-year-olds out there on the internet, especially those named Signe: I don't think you're all morons. Heck, if you were, how could anyone above 12 be anything but a moron, especially given how people like me grow steadily more immature over the years? ^_~ Of course, this argumentation requires that all people aren't actually morons... So it's good I don't think so. Well, not in a bad way anyway.


This argumentation sucks.

Finally, my apologies to those of you who thought this was the lamest joke of 2006. It was. I'll try to make up for it with an update this Monday which will hopefully be pretty cool. On the other hand, if the pink was what disturbed you about this update, you might not want to see that update after all...

If there isn't a comci... sorry, comic, up on Monday though, that'll be because I've been spending a lot of time this weekend watching Japanese movies at the NatFilm festival (go watch Otakus in Love/Koi no Mon NOW!) and going to (and spending way too much money at) ABJD meetings. I'm pretty sure I'll have the comic up Monday evening at the latest though, as I'm finally having a really easy week. And that means easy as in Having-To-Go-To-School-For-Two-Hours-Per-Day. I like that.

Finally, if you missed the April's fool atrocity (I'm afraid the chances are pretty slim, though: 238 people saw that update! O_o; I'm officially ashamed), it is now up in the Gallery with two wonderful pieces of fanart you really should be looking at instead. Really, just ignore it and look at the pretty pictures.

It's good for you.

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