Tuesday, August 30, 2005



Finally, finally, finally I am done with the math (and other assorted pieces of homework) that's been taking up all my time since Sunday. Damn, I hate math.

Oh yeah, anyway: Late as always, there's a new voting incentive up, only this time, it's actually pretty recent. Don't feel too relieved, though, the ridiculous(ly) old stuff will make a horrible comeback soon. I'll try to actually pre-upload a few incentives tomorrow so they won't be so sorrily lacking once September begins and the world outside Denmark comes home from holiday. Not that I'm bitter that I've already been in school for a month. Nuh-uh. Not at all.

(Oh, and speaking of the Character page, I finished the comic's CG Wiki Page a few days ago. It's not very good, but it contains something that could be considered a character list that is, at least, better than the nothing that's up here on the page, so here goes.)

I really should sleep now.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Ze Shading

Heh. I said I'd get that done, didn't I? ^^

Sorry about the dithering on Flash's skin - it was this or darkening + dithering of everything else, so i chose the least butt-ugly solution. Well, so I hope.

Ack. Sick. *Faints*

...back to bed it is.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Rough Draft

Just a short notice to point out that the comic that will upload in an hour is NOT the final version of page 51. Business and the surprise attack of forgotten homework meant that I didn't have the time to get the shading properly done on this one, and you might notice that it's lacking a few other shinies as well. I'll try to finish the page up properly tomorrow afternoon, because I'm simply too damn tired right now.

Hey, at least it's readable, right?

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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Incentive updated

Yeah, I knew there was something I'd forgotten to do. ^^; Anyway, up now is the Pink Sugar Bubbles pic that I promised last time (because I didn't know that uploading two incentives to TWC means that only the first will be displayed. I've learned since.) Everybody is free to laugh at my suckiness.

I mean the suckiness of the picture, not the suckiness of me being suc... Oh, forget about it.

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Monday, August 15, 2005



(Okay, the comic isn't technically up yet, but that's just because Siteadmin is being buggy. It'll upload automatically in 30 minutes anyway.)

Whew. I actually didn't think I'd make the deadline I set up for myself yesterday, but guess what, I did. Without skipping my homework. Awesome. And now: What few hours of rest I have left. ^^;

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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Here we go again...

Hi guys. Well, when I start a post on a Sunday like this, I think most of you can guess what's in store: Exactly, the comic is running late. Again. I'm not doing this deliberately, I swear! -_-; It just happened that starting at a new school and trying to keep in touch with old friends took up most of the week and all of my weekend, so I simply didn't have the time to get the comic done. I am currently inking, though, and I really hope to get that done this evening, so the comic can be up tomorrow evening. Hey, it's better than nothing, right? And I almost fully spared you of insanely long rantings about the goods and bads of Aurehøj. You should feel relieved. ^_~

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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Finally, officially, BACK!

(This is posted approximately 2 hours before the comic uploads)

Yes, after weeks and weeks of travels, sleepovers, weddings and just general summer business, Ida is finally back for good! It's really not normal to be more busy in the summer than in school weeks... But anyway: From now on, the comic will update more or less every Monday, more or less on time, more or less without any scheduled delays... okay, let's just call it "the same as before summer", shall we? ^^;

But, in order to celebrate this return to life, and of course to finally get that voting thing going, I will from now on put up voting incentives with each comic upload. Because that's what the cool kids do. For those who might not know it (I don't think they exist, but anyway) a voting incentive is something (could be a picture, a sketch, or even a bonus comic) that is displayed when a vote is cast at TWC, as a way to, well, make more people vote. I'm not quite sure of the system yet, so please bear with me, but if everything works out there should be two incentives available tomorrow: One is a quick sketch of my *ahem* findings in Rome that I made as a warm-up for today's comic, the other is the first ever picture of the "Pink Sugar Bubbles" attack, drawn more than 1½ years ago. Oh, by the way: This might be either obvious or sound like a really pathetic plead for votes, but hey, I didn't know when I joined TWC, so here goes: a person can vote for as many comics as he/she wants on the same day (so you don't have to miss Earthsong's incentives to get mine), but only one vote for each comic on that day.
Okay, I think that was all the important information. ^^

As for today's comic: I actually rather like it (unlike the last 6 or so) - coloring it did take twice as long as usual, though, so that might be why. ^^; Also, speedlines. Are you watching, Skyen? ^^; The attack "Pink Sugar Bubbles" is actually Sigge's invention, created during a sugar-high drawing session we had back when she was still trying to push me into finally drawing the comic. (As you can see, she succeded. ^^;) The voting incentive picture is of course the sketch I made of the attack at that session, and it's been pretty much unchanged in my mind since, execpt of course for the tweaking of names.

And as for the second incentive, if that uploads: Italy has an unhealthy amount of Tokyo Mew Mew and Doremi merchandise for sale everywhere. It's not good for your bank account. Not good at all. ^^;

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