Sunday, November 25, 2007


Blockically Late

I'm late.

Really, really, obnoxiously cathastrophically late. And why?

Well, first there was work. Wait, that's not true. First, there was IKEA, where I spent all of my free time friday trying to buys stuff that would help make my room just a microscopically less cluttered and messy. I think it worked. Then, there was work - once again, I worked on Saturday, and once again, I was pretty damn tired when I finally got home. But mostly, there was writer's block. Yes. Writer's. I think that shows how far I currently am in the making of this comic.

Of course, pinpointing the reason for a writer's block is pretty much impossible (otherwise, I suppose it would be a LOT easier to cure), but part of there reason why I just can't seem to script page 105 is, I believe, that it marks the beginning of a scene that I've never really gotten the grip on. The gym scene? I've had that planned since years ago. The scene after this one? The outline is there, only need to fill in the detail. Every termite scene EVER? I could write those with my hands tied. However, this particular scene... Well, I know where it ends, I know what the high point of it should be, and I know it's important to the overall plot, but I have NO clue how to begin it or how to plot it out in logically seperated pages, preferrably with at leas one joke each. Damn it.

Therefore, I don't know when the page will be up. Oh, it will be up - I don't have homework anymore, so I can make comics on weekdays as easily as I can make them in the weekend - but I can't say when.

Maybe I should make another LOLcharacter to get the creative juices flowing...?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This IS a finished comic


That title probably says it.

I need sleep.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is not a finished comic

...as anyone with half an eye should be able to see, really.

It is, however, close enough to done to be at least slightly viewable, yet not close enough to done to be realistically finished tonight without me skipping sleep altogether (and insanely tired Ida does NOT make good shading), so what I decided to do was this: You get the slightly-crappy-but-there update right now, I go to bed and work and choir and then I go home and upgrade it to the slightly-less-crappier-and-done update. Which is basically just this comic but with shading. OK?


...Also, I think I actually managed to make that dress awful in a way that ISN'T currently sweeping the northern european fashion scene. Maybe. Damn, current fashion is ugle.

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Monday, November 19, 2007


Filler-accompanying explanation:

There are two things to say about this filler (okay, so technically, I could probably say a lot more, but I'm supposed to have gone to bed an hour ago, so I'm a bit too tired to do so. Bear with me).

Number one: There IS a comic coming, and it is coming soon, most likely tomorrow evening. Really. It's inked and scanned and everything, it just needs the computer-finishing done. And the reason for this is actually quite simple and straightforward, as I see it: I worked on Saturday. Which means that my weekend was one day shorter than weekends traditionally are. Which in turn means that I had one day less to make the comic in, since the idea that A.N.T is something I do on weekends and on weekends ONLY has apparently ingrained itself into the deeper part of my brain after three years of High School. So, practically: I sleep now, then I go to work, and then I finish the comic tomorrow. Deal?

(This reminds me that, as far as I know, I haven't yet told you quite what I wok with these days, considering that the job at the goddamn super is thankfully over and done with. Expect as vaguely real life-ish post soon.)

And thing-to-say-about-this-filler number two: It's not really yurilicious. In fact, it has nothing resembling yuri in it. Well, unless you consider two or more girls appearing on the same page of the same comic yuri, in which case I suppose it is. In that case, though, you are probably a slightly overzealous shipper. Just sayin'.

I think that was it?


Yup, that was it.

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Monday, November 12, 2007



Well, that took a while. Either, I'm falling really behind on my PSP-fu, or I just completely forgot how long it takes to do an A.N.T page. No matter what, I worked on this for around 7 hours total today, and only just finished it. I blame that ยค%&@# background in the first panel. Never. Again.

Oh, and sorry for the ginormous file size. I used too many shading and lighting effect, so once it came to optimizing the file, I had to choose between this or a RASTER HELL. I hope you'll agree that I made the right decision. ^_^

Uhm, yeah, that's all I have to say right now. Gotta go eat dinner.

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No Job

As the title says, I didn't get any work to do today, so the comic is currently being worked on. Should be done soon. ^_^

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Sunday, November 11, 2007



The update is almost done and being worked on at this moment (well, for a few minutes more, because I really need to go to bed soon), and depending on whether or not I get some last-minute-work to do tomorow, it'll be up either before noon or tomorrow evening. And the reason why it's not done yet? Well, I realize this is a rare one for me, but: that's because I've spent too MUCH time on it. Yeah, really. To specify, I spent too much time on the drawing and inking aspects on it, resulting in some crazy details (FriedDeer can testify to this, she saw the work-in-progress earlier today) that are taking forever to color, and that is what kept me from meeting my deadline.

Yeah, it's been so long that I forgot how much detail to put into an A.N.T-page. ^_^;

So, while I sleep, there's another stupid image macro for you, this time featuring the pink one. And yes, it's the copic markers again. I realy like those.

If I can make it, I'll post a short notice tomorrow to inform you whether I'll have to go to work or not (and thusly, when you can expect the page to be finished.)

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007



J-popcon is over and done with. Cosplay is over and done with. And most importantly, my goodamn job at the goddamn super is over and done with. Which means...

Ida is now free to have a life, a blog and a comic again! Yes, I'm gonna make comics. I SO am gonna make comics, yay yay yay! :D

...And, uhm, that's all I have to say right now, since I'm still tired after the con and my brain still hasn't started working either. So: Update next Monday, possibly more blog updates before that depending on whether or not my brain starts working. And that lolcat-esque image was drawn with my new Copic markers, in case you can't tell from the sucky coloring.

I should sleep now.

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