Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am teh sux

No, seriously. I'd like to apologize for both mine and this update's complete and utter absence from this page for what has been far too long. Apologize, I say, because I have no good explanation to give. Oh, sure, there have been a contributing factors to my lateness (including, but not limited to, written exams, a secret project [and to those of you who know what I'm talking about here, I have another apology, though it won't be posted here] and - le gasp - actual social activities), but those only make up part of my belatedness. I wouldn't call what I've got an artist's or writer's block, since once I'm drawing or writing, the results seem fine to me - if anything, it could be a motivational block - but the most simple explanation is that I've been a good, old-fashioned lazy bastard. Ever since I received my exam schedule (which is Art, Antiquity, History, Biology by the way - not the worst, but still a pretty bad combo, since I'm going to defend two elevens and catch up on two 2+-year subjects. At least I secured my 13 in Religion...), I've been doing everything with the proportionate speed of a garden slug, wasting hours reading useless webpages or watching braindead television (except for Oban Star Racers, which turned out to be, much to my surprise, possibly the only show worth seeing on Danish Jetix) and not really doing much in the way of comic-producing, despite constantly stressing over the fact that I SHOULD be doing the comic. Gah. -_-;

But, well, that's the past - what's up for the future, now that pesky #101 has been posted? Well, a lot of it depends on how the secret project I'm doing turns out. It was really supposed to be done last wek, but since it STILL isn't finished, it's probably going to take most of my time for a bit longer... My goal was to reveal it yesterday, but by now, I'd be happy if it goes up tomorrow. Once again: I sux.

Hope for suckiness tomorrow, too.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Screw the Rules, I Have a Blog!

This post has very little to do with A.N.T. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to say it has a lot to do with anything, and if it had, that something would probably be the Eurovision Song Contest. Now you're warned.

To get it out of the way, here's the A.N.T stuff: Yes, late again. To my defense I can say that while I HAVE been slacking, I'm also working on something definately comic-related that you'll hopefully see the beginning of this week. Also, the page is drawn, it just isn't inked and colored yet - I hope to have that done tomorrow, or Tuesday at the very latest.

Which serves as a not at all introduction to the next thing I want to talk about: The fact that tomorrow is my third-to-last day of High School EVER. Which feels really frikkin' WEIRD. I've been in High School for as long as I've been making A.N.T, so I imagine that doing comics is going to be a rather different (and hopefully less frustrating) experience now that I won't have to juggle it with homework and school social obligations for a while. Still, *sniff*... I'm probably going to be even worse about this Wednesday, because that's when I find out which of my subjects will be selected for the exams and which I'll simply never have to deal with again. It's important to teh comic, too, since what subjects I get has a great influence on how much time I can invest in doing comics while I'm really supposed to be studying for the exams (i.e. a Religion/German/Antiquity/Art combo gives me a great deal more freedom than a Biology/History/Danish/Religion one does).

And now for something completely different (are anyone actually still reading this?): Did you watch the Eurovision this weekend? I actually didn't, but since I did watch selected parts of it, my lack of qualification to have opinions about it isn't going to stop me from doing so. ^_^;

Opinion numero uno: I'd almost forgotten how awesome Lordi are. Awesome in an extremely campy way, but awesome nonetheless. Just for the 'rubber monsters with firework spray axes' thing, they're easily the best thing to happen to the Eurovision for the last 10 years or so.

Opinion numero dos: In contrast to pretty much all of Western Europe, I actually think Serbia's song deserved to win. Why? Because it was good. (In contrary to Denmark's, which was awful and only won because it was a tone-deaf Drag Queen singing it). Also, bitching about not winning the Eurovision is pathetic in so many ways that if I listed them all, I'd lose the sole peson who's still reading this.

Opinion numero dres: Ukraine are insane. Clinically.

Opinion numero quatros: The Santa Claus theme was hillarious, considering the time of the year (and the fact that everyone knows he's from Greenland. ;P )

Opinion numero... uhm...: My spanish is pathetic. (But my finnish is possibly worse - it consistes of the word hoittoaine).

Finally, yes, the layout is looking really weird at the moment. I was trying to fianlly fix it, but all my tries just made everything worse, and I'm too tired to work it out now, so... tomorrow?


I should get a Livejournal to ramble in.

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