Friday, August 31, 2007



So, it's almost time to leave for the con, and OF COURSE I'm not half as done with the comic as I should've been. -_-; Factors contributing to this: 1) Room being a pest to tidy up. I'm STILL not done. 2) Next page refusing to be scripted, whereas several scenes 20-odd pages away have been VERY willing to script themselves (in other words, writer's block), and 3) me being slow. I'm going to work as hard as I can to get it at least partially finished for Monday, though, because really, not having a comic for the 'Grand Return' is just too stupid...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The Blog Post Below that You're Supposed to Read

Hi everybody! Since it is (as it somehow always is when I write these things; I wonder if that means something or if it's just a logical consequence of my procrastinating habits) very late, this is going to be semi-short and more focused on here and now than on the entire last month (that post WILL come, and this one will give you an estimate on when).

So, yes, I'm back from Japan and slowly adjusting to the time zone, the rain and the OMFG IT'S FREEZING! climate of northern Europe once again. Actually, I've been here for five days now (I arrived almost a day later than expected because our plane ended up cancelled after a good 3-hour wait in Narita airport - in front of a television showing CNN footage of a burning aircraft, if I may add - so instead of going home on the 21st, we were subjected to the unacceptable torture of a night in Excel Hotel Tokyu with two free, non-airplane meals and a hotel room thrice the size of any of those we'd been living in on the trip proper, with a gorgeous view and a HD tv. I want my planes cancelled more often! ^_~), but the reason why I haven't given any signs of life here is not that I've died on the way back, nor is it beause I suddenly hate everyone. In fact, the reason is much, much simpler: when I came home after a month in minimalistic tatami rooms, I realized that my rooms are a horrible mess that in some places hasn't been tidied up since I was Lisa's age, and I simply had to do something. Yes, creepily uncharacteristic of me. (Though it did help my motivation that I have 11 kilos of anime crap coming by sea mail from Japan within the next month that I have nowhere to put, too. ^_^;) So, what I have been doing for the last five days can be summed down to: slept off jetlag and rearranged shelves. Exciting, isn't it?

Now, the comic... Before I left, remember that I said that I was hoping to make myself miss it by not drawing for so long? Well, that sure as hell worked - I want to draw it right now! Drawing that little sketch up there was more fun than I've had drawing ANYTHING for the last few months, so at the very least, I seem to have got the motivation back. All I'll have to do to make the September 3rd deadline now is to conquer my laziness, I suppose... ^_^;

Before that, though, there IS that Japan post. I can't say when exactly it'll be done, because that depends on how long and detalied I can stand to make it, but no matter what, I'll start writing it tomorrow. We'll see from there.

Oh, and finally: I'm going to Kodachicon once again this weekend. I don't exactly expect any of my brave, remaining readers to be living in the ├śresund region AND attending the con, but by the freak chance that one of you live up to both qualifications, by all means glom... er, come by and say hi. Ill be wearing a tag with my name on it, occassionally a yukata, and occassionally Combat Waitress Asahina Mikuru cosplay, so I should be findable among 150 people. ^_~

Gah, tired. Should sleep now. More post-writing tomorrow.

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Monday, August 20, 2007


Ida's Pilgrimage to the Land of the Mahou Shoujo - part 3

Hello everyone.

Yes, I'm still alive, believe it or not, and I'm still in Tokyo, though I'll be back in Copenhagen in less than 48 hours. It's tragic. Once I'm home, though, I'll write a more proper report on my trip, because the main reason I haven't been writing so long is that the only ib\nternet access I currently have is in a busy hall where I have to stand up to use the computer, and it's only open until 11 PM, which has, for the last week or so, been the circa time that we returned to the hotel. Yes, I've been busy again.

This part of our trip has been the geekiest so far: Wonder festival (a garage kit convention - yes, I spent too much money), Comiket (THE doujinshi convention - not quite as hard on my finances since I'm not really into gay porn ^_~) , Akihabara (geek district per excellence), Tokyo Tower for the sole reason that it's destroyed in so many anime, Tokyo Disneyland (okay, not really geeky at all - but I hadn't been to a Disneyland since I were in Paris as a six-year-old, so we had to go), Nakano Broadway (ANOTHER geek district), and something very ungeeky - actually meeting up with RL friends.

Has it been fun? Hell yes.

Has it been exhausting? HELL yes.

Do I want to go home? Not really. Well, I'd like a few days in a quieter place (and compared to Tokyo, ANYWHERE is a quieter place), buit the thought of leaving here and not knowing when I'll come back, that I'm not so keen on.

Well, have to leave again - it's past 11 PM and I think the hotel manager really wants some sleep. But fret not, dear friends, for there shall be a much better blog post and it shall be here a few days from now. If I don't go into hibernation after Tokyo, that is.

For now, Sayonara!

(BTW, I bought something today that isn't A.N.T-related right now, but will be once I'm finished with it. Pictures will be posted once relevant. :3)

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Ida's Quest to the Land of the Mahou Shoujo ~ part 2


Yes, it's been a while - the internet access on the side of Mount Fuji isn't that impressive. (Oh, and I haven't been anywhere where internet access isn't charged per 15 minutes since Tokyo, and having to constantly keep your eyes on the clock isnj't the most inspiring basis for long, eloquent blog posts - hence the sparseness of such things.)

So, what have I been up to? Well, first of all, there was Mount Fuji, about which I will say one main thing: Lonely Planet is a lying bitch. Y'know, when you read that going up a mountain takes and back again takes 7 1/2 hours? And you plan for that, going at a time where you'll have PLENTY pof time to get down before suset? Yeah? Well, y'know when going up the actual bloody mountain really takes 10 BLOODY HOURS and you have to run down the mountainside in the darkness in order to catch the last bus at 10.10 PM? Yeah, that's what that's like.

Oh, we reached the top (well, almost - Sigge got a weak case of altitude sickness about 200 meters from it, so we didn't dare to go all the way, but we were AT the top), and it was very beautiful and exciting (where else can you see people QUEUING up a mountain ^_^; ), even the part where we ran dowen in darkness - we saw the sunset, the moonrise, and fireworks from above. Oh, and my entire body was dead the next day. Fuji was, hands down, the mpost exhausting thing I've done. EVER.

Since then, we've been in Kyoto, doing slightly less exhausting things like visiting temples and shrines (many of them with awesoem 'Let's ZEN!' posters), and eating great, japanese food (though I AM growing a little tired of udon and soba, the traditional japanese noodle sorts). This place is wonderful. ^_^
I also bought the AWESOMEST GUNDAM EVER, which will be photographed and shown around once it's finished (it's a model kit), because Japan is a country so wonderful that no matter where you go (even in the small town we lived in next to mount Fuji) there wil be stores compelling you to buy Gundam crap. And Code Geass crap. And Pretty Cure crap.

Which brings me to the Mahou Shoujo. Of which there has been little recently. Okay, so everywhere you go, there is Pretty Cure stuff (I even saw an inflkatable Cure Dream in Nara today), but aside from that, well, it has mostly been temples and Gundam. However, we have discovered that in Japan, the most obvious shape for a transportable mosquito repellant is a pink mahou shoujo-style wristwatch-like devide. Yeah, awesome.

Oh, and I've ordered another ABJD, for those of you who know what that is. At Tenshi-no-Sato, teh craziest place in Japan. Can't wait to get her. ^_^

By the way, I miss the comic. Seriously. Yesterday, Sigge gave me a piece of her sketchypad, and without even thinking, I filled it with A.N.T characters. Apparently, even my subconsciousness miss those guys... ^_^;

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