Monday, December 26, 2005


Merry Christmas!

And Happy Hannukah, Kwanza, Yule, New Year, Monday... aw heck, have a nice day. ^^;

Uhm yes, this is a bit late, but the idea sort of grew out of hand - I really wanted to do a simple Christmas filler like last year, but it ended up being as much work as a regular update - so let's just call this a Christmas special, shall we? ^_~ I hope you like it. ^^

Your regularly scheduled A.N.T will return on January the 2nd next year, and I hope I'll take a good long slew of updating-weeks until my large History report. At least, that's my New Year's resolution. ^^

Also, I actually finally went and uploaded that voting incentive I talked about last week, so if you vote now, you WILL actually see the development of Linneaus' character design, whatever interest you might have in THAT. But, it's there.

(Sorry if I spelled Kwanza incorrectly, by the way. All I know about it, I learned from a scary hyperactive Sesame Street special I watched on Christmas eve [I'm not really that fond of Sesame Street. At all. So why the heck I watched it is a true mystery ^^;], and they didn't exactly spell it, just say the word. In high-pitched, dubbed-to-danish voices. Including the humans. Yeeesh.)

Oh, and tomorrow is my dad's birthday. Yay for useless facts!

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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Killed by Christmas!

Well, it WAS bound to happen, wasn't it? Yes, I don't have a comic done for tomorrow, and that is for the most classic reason there is: I'm busy preparing Christmas. Or rather, I'm busy doing all the homework that has to be handed in before the holiday AND preparing Christmas. Basically, I've had to finish 3 projects and hand in two essays this week, plus performing twice with my choir, staying at school till 5 O'c clock twice to do groupwork and buying Christmas presents. Still, tomorrow will not be completely update-free, as I forced... er, asked UHC to make me a filler while she was here yesterday, and so she did. While I was watching! Awesome. Now, if only I could draw that fast, I wouldn't have to write so many of these notices. ^^;

Also, if anyone feels like voting despite all these delays, I uploaded an extra-big incentive this time. It's the full record of Linneaus' character design process, including weird notes and tryout sketches, all pasted into one page.

Hmm... I actually planned to do a Christams filler instead of a comic next week, but I really hate skipping more than one week in a row, so there's a chance I might work my butt off over Christmas and get a comic done anyway. I'm insane.

By teh way, does anyone remember the doll I posted that I wanted really bad? Well, I'm getting her! I really am! Woo-hoo! ^^ *Jumps around the room extatically*

So, there's the reason for my incoherency today. ^^;

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Monday, December 12, 2005



Yup, I'm still ill.

Okay, ranting time: Damn, I'm tired of doing a late-but-not-quite-missed update each week. I'm sure you're tired of it as well, so I'm sorry. This time it was especially stupid since the only thing I was missing when I had to go to bed yesterday (before 24.00, by the way! <- Kiddy) was the lettering - and then I had to go through 8 hours of school and 3 hours of running around with my little he-cousins in Tivoli (which was fun, by the way) before I could get back and do those last pathetic 20 minutes of work. No incentive right now, since I had to do homeowrk for German AND I'm still ill, but if anyone's interested, I'll put one up tomorrow. In fact, I'll put one up even if you AREN'T interested. Eat THAT! ^^;

...Yes, it drives me nuts how the English language has only one word for cousins, regardless of gender - and how that word is almost identical to the Danish word for female cousins. Hence the he-cousins. ^^;

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Sniff - Hark - Splat - Achooo!

*Blows nose*

Hi everyone. First of all, I'm really sorry that I haven't been around for the last few days, even less posted an update, a filler or at least an explanation of why there was no update. Well, the explanation comes here: After a week of stupid homework, I had an incredibly busy weekend, whatwith a lot more parties and a lot less sleep than I would have liked. Nonetheless, it didn't occur to me that perhaps, just perhaps, I would need a filler until Saturday, where I sent a cry for help to Skyen - who, beinmg his awesome self, actually managed to do one qand send it to me before deadline. I have no words that can describe how awesome Skyen is, constantly saving my sorry ass like that. So, you ask, if there was a filler in time, why isn't it up? Good question. The answer is this: After returning from my nth arrangement this weekend (which was actually a nice, quiet one, not a party), I collapsed with some sort of insane flu and has been lying in my bed constantly from Sunday evening until late in the afternoon today - and not even getting close to my computer in the meantime. I'm a little bit better now, but I'm sorry that I didn't put any explanation up - that's below standard. And on top of that, all those great plans of putting line art up on monday and color on tuesday have been very effectively ruined - the comic that should've been uploaded monday will now simply go up next week.

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