Saturday, April 30, 2005


Random stuff

I seems I'm finally listed on Onlinecomics.net (read 'It seems' as: 'My daily hits just got multiplied by 10 to make it blatantly obvious that A.N.T was on the front page at Onlinecomics.net'), so hello to all of you coming from there!

Anything else? Hmm... No. Oh, wait: Fixed a broken link. Whee!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Propaganda Update!

Yes, after a good deal of threats and bribing on behalf of my dear Sigge, I've finally rallied my butt together and done something about advertising.

A.N.T is now listed on Belfry, Thewebcomicslist, the Keenspace Newsbox, and (soon) Onlinecomics.net as well, so hello and welcome to those of you who've come from any of those places. ^^ I hope you'll enjoy the comic as much as I do, and if you do, take note that there is now an e-mail button on the left of the comic, so you can now easily email me and tell me whgat you think of the comic. Actually, that goes for all of you - i love getting mail. <3. Even more importantly, A.N.T is now listed on TWC and Buzzcomix, so please go vote for it!

In more ordinary news, the links page has been updated with three new amazing comics and four new banners so people wanting to link to A.N.T no longer have to use that butt-ugly old banner. Hmm, think that was all. See you later!

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Monday, April 18, 2005


Made it!

Of course,getting the comic ready before the deadline IS supposed to be given, but I still can't help feeling proud each time. Especially this time, though, since this is the first time EVER I have managed to draw two comic pages within one week. If anything, this has taught me to truly admire those people who post mon-wed-fri (not to mention daily) because damn, this was hard work. I guess I'll stick with weekly updates in the future too.

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Friday, April 15, 2005



Yes, it took a lot more time than expected, but it's up! The page turned out a lot more detailed than planned, which of course isn't a bad thing, but it did mean that I had to spend even more time doing it. Also, no shading this week, because I'm sure you'd rather have the comic now than having to wait until monday for a few puny shades that I can't manage to do today.

In other news, the April's fool page has been removed from the archives and added to the Pieces gallery, so the calender boxes have been adjusted to properly display my slacking. ^^; I'll go work on Monday's comic... soon.

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Monday, April 11, 2005


Workin' on it

This is just a short note to let you all know that, no, I haven't quit the comic. I just happened to have another hectic weekend, and thus haven't done tomorrow's comic yet. Unless last week, though, it WILL go up during this week, because I'm not going to skip two weeks in a row (plus I don't have a major physics assignment to steal my time this week). So, yeah, I'll go work now, and then the comic will be up... when it's done.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005



You didn't actually believe this was true, did you? ^^; But if you did, listen: Everything I wrote yesterday was a lie - A.N.T is continuing axactly as always and will not be about pie. Most of the time, that is. Also, before they sue me: The dialogue used in yesterday's comic is the property and copyright of the creators of Weebl and Bob. This should be considered a parody/homage, I don't claim to own any of that brilliant dialogue.

In other news; A.N.T will be late once again. This has nothing to do with the April's fool page (I did that more than a week ago) but is simply the consequences of me having too much schoolwork over the week and too many parties in the weekend. To be honest, I haven't even had time to script the next update, so I can't guarantee that I won't have to skip this week altogether. I'll try to start the page tomorrow afternoon, though.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Drastic Changes

Some (or all) of you have undoubtly seen the comic above and are now wondering what the hell is going on with A.N.T. Well, to be completely frank, I was growing tired of the storyline and the constant stress and delays of trying to put a story page up every week, so I've decided to scrap this story and start all over again! The new incarnation of A.N.T will be a day-to-day comic with amusing, originl jokes like today's one. As you can see, the art style has changed as well - I've finally realised that drawing and coloring whole manga-esque pages is too time-consuming, and really pointless since everybody knows that the best comics are sprite comics. This new and innovative style will allow me to reach new creative heights, as well as do an update every day (which I won't, hehe). So, there it is, the brand new sparkling A.N.T! I hope you're all as excited with this new developement as I am, so remeber to check back next week, on April 7th, where Lisa and Io will enrichen your lives with a dialogue about pie - in French!

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