Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Yes. Late.

...but it's the shortest delay I've managed yet: 17½ hours. And at least some of it was sleep. So, why is it late? Well, I don't even know for sure myself, I just had more to do over the weekend than I had expected to have - plus I knew that since today is a holiday, it wouldn't be fatal to miss the deadline. (I have extracurricular classes both Monday, Thursday and Wednesday in working weeks).

In other news, the concept of a cast page is no longer quite a science fiction-like as it used to be, since I spent some of the the time I was in a Sweish cottage over Easter actually getting half of the cast portraits sketched. I still have no clue when the actual page will be up, but it will hopefully be before tthe end of this episode. Oh, and happy Easter to those of you who celebrated it! ^^

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Monday, March 21, 2005


Updates again

Well, as you can see (if you're reading this after 12 P.M.), there's a new comic up. Whee! Actually, for the first time in crack-knows-when, I really, really like today's comic - sure, the dialogue could be better, but it was so much fun to drawn. I love doing those free-form pages, even if they can be a pain to get flowing. I tried to cram as much detail into this one as I could in trying to make up for last week's hurried comic, whadduya think?

Oh, there is a real update too - I've finally pulled my butt together to scan Lea's picture, so now there is something in the fanart section. I know 1/4th of my readers (that's you, Lea) will be very pleased with this. It still looks a bit empty, though... *winkwinknudgenudgeknowwhatImean*

As for the cast page... Well, I'm going to spend most of Easter break in a cottage in Sweden, so I might not be able to get it done after all - but I'll try. Current promise: Befor summer. ^^;

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Saturday, March 05, 2005


I hate doing this...

Okay, let's get this straight: unless a miracle somehow happens, there'll be no A.N.T for monday. I've been at school until 3 each day this week and all my free time was done writing school papers, so I've had no time to get the comic done. And as for the weekend: As I'm writing this, I have about one hour before leaving for a 16-hour film marathon immediately followec by a sleepover. So, I'll try to get the comic done over sunday and the first few days of next week, but there really is no way I can get it done for monday. Yeah, I suck. >.<

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