Sunday, January 21, 2007


Last update in a while

For those of you who didn't read last week's blog post (shame on you, while I'm at it! ^_~): This update (or rather, the one that uploads in 10 minutes, will be the last in a while, seeing as I'll be pretty busy with the scriptwriting contest and *sigh* my full-week, major third year-assignment. A.N.T updates will commence on February 12th and will hopefully be as stable as January's were, tanks to my magical update-trick (which is NOT keeping Arina Tanemura tied in the closet as my personal update slave. The pages would be MUCH better if that wa sthe case..)

...and no, Lisa didn't ask if Kin's a magical girl. That question still lies unanswered... ^_~

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



(Yeah, I'm posting at an odd time - this post was really intended to go up at the same time as Monday's comic, but seeing as I haven't been online for approximately 48 hours [aka since that comic was finished - and yes, that is a long time offline for me...], well, it was kinda hard to post. ^_~)

So, enjoying the updating pace yet? You better should, because the next one will be the last of this batch (yes, batch - more on that later). ┬ĘBut don't worry, you will see what Lisa wants to ask Kin before I have to go on a short - you know you love the wrd - hiatus. Yay! -_-; The reason for this break is very simple and, luckily, very non-permanent: I'm simply going to be asskickingly busy during the weekends prefacing January the 29th and February the 5th, and even with my new, mysterious magical updating trick, I won't be able to finish updates for those days. The weekend of January 26-27-28, I'll be busy with something quite interesting which will (hopefully) someday have a positive influence on the quality of this comic: I was lucky enough to become a finalist in this (link for the Danish-savy only), an animation scriptwriting competition for young people, where the writers of the 10 best entries are invited to an all-weekend workshop at the Animation Workshop in Viborg - so that's where I'm going. ^_^ The main price is 10.000 DKK, and I most likely have a snowball's chance in hell of winning it, but that's not what's important: what matters is that I'm going to Viborg (which by a strange set of circumstances has become Denmark's animation Hollywood) to learn scriptwriting, which means I might eventully become able to write non-painful scripts for this thing. Yay!

The weekend of February 2-3-4 will be skipped because that's when I have to write my major third year assignment for school. Bah. Well, if it eases your pain, I at lest have a 99% guaranteed (guaranteed as in "will not be finished if filler rtist falls down from a roof and breaks something vital, otherwise, it will") filler comic for January 29th and a rather sure filler comic for February the 5th. Okay?

And as for the secret to my updating? Bah, it's late as hell and I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, so you'll all have to wait. Mwahahaha! (Yes, I'm a tease...)

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Thursday, January 04, 2007


There you go -

- I've finished the first part of my secret new year's resolution #1: From now on, every month there'll be a new wallpaper as a voting incentive! Yay!^_^ This decision was, of course, largely inspired by the amazing voting performance you guys put up when I uploaded the December one. That was, quite frankly, amzing, and made me greatly reconsider the voting power of A.N.T's readership (also, it made me care about TWC again) - and while I don't expect THAT amount of votes every month, I still felt that I should actually do something to get you guys votin'. ^_^ The official upload date for the each month's wallpaper will be the 1st of the month, though, me being me, I probably won't be able to keep that every single month. The first week is probably more realistic... >_<

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Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year!

Whee! Hope every one of you had a splendid New Year's eve, because I sure as hell did. ^_^

...Also, yes, I'm late. But come on, it's January the 1st! I mean, how many people get up and get working at normal hours on this date? <_< (Yes, I slept in ^_^;) And before you say that I should've known that and that I could just have finished it up in advance, holiday break and all, let me just point out that I had a pretty valid (well, according to me) and very much A.N.T-related reason NOT to do so. ^_^ Take a guess.

But, update. Great, right? This also marks the last full page of bug-ness before we turn back to Lisa (there'll be another half page for the next update, though) and then we won't be seeing these guys for quite a long time.
...I have a feeling I've typed that sentence before, or is it just those two glasses of champagne, 2-3 liters of cola and four hours of sleep I had yesterday? Nah.

Today is the first day of the new year, and that means a couple of things. Most importantly, of course, hangovers for the majority of the planet's adult population (actually, I'd think that of all days in the year, January 1st would be the perfect date for an alien invasion. Ideally at 9 AM. The planet's resistance would be laughworthy, at best), sleep- and/or anger-inducing New Year's speeches from national leaders of several countries and ski jumping from Garmisch-Partenkirchen (the fact that it was cancelled this year is a clear sign that 2007 will also be the year of the Apocalypse - but that's for later), but it ALSO means New Year's resolutions from everybody and the first possibility to break them. So, in order to stay hip, I've made my own list of comic-related resolutions and already broken one of them:

The A.N.T List of Ida's New Years Resolutions:

1) In the new year, I'll update regularly. Duh.

I've also already broken this. Duh.
I do, however, want to point out that I actually DO have a (pretty good) plan to keep this, at least until Winter Break (February) which means that for once, it IS a realistic resolution. Well, technically. We'll see how this goes...

2) In the new year, I want to touch up on the info pages and finally do an FAQ.

A few days ago when I was bored in the middle of the night, I looked over the "about the comic" page and realised that it stated my age to be 17. Well, it's not that I don't want to be seventeen, but it just happens to be a fact that I was born in the year 1987. And we just entered 2007. -_-; And it's like that on several other pages. So, essentially, cleanup is necessary and cleanup shall be done.

3) In the new year, I'll fix the forum

This one gets to be a seperate resolution if only because the forum situation doesn't rest on me alone. Basically, my host forum, Kagami Manga, has been down for months, and I'm stuck with three alternatives: a) get in touch with the owner of the forum, Gwennafran, and see if something can be done, b) look for another host or c) just scrap the forum altogether and stick with the tagboard. Probably in that order. It depends a bit on you guys as well, though; when the forum was up, it wasn't very active, and while that of course is mainly my fault for not making it attractive enough, I still wonder if this comic actually needs a real forum. Forums can upload pictures and host long-winded debates, but most other forum features exist on the tagboard already, so whether or not a forum is needed actually depends mostly on whether or not you guys thing you would use one. Thoughts? ^_^

4) In the new year, I'll draw more stand-alone pictures

...because I want to and eye-candy is lovely. 'Nuff said.

5)In the new year, I'll get more sleep

Trust me, this is actually for your benefit. Not least because it will make me less prone to blather as incomprehensibly as I do right now. And that's good, ne? ^_~

I have two other resolutions for 2007, but I'll keep those secret for now. I'll probably reveal the first one tomorrow, but the second... Okay, let's just say that part of the resolution is to be able to reveal it... *mysterious grin*

I suppose that was all. Oh, wait -

Happy New Year! ^___^

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