Sunday, September 26, 2004


No comic monday

A warning in advance for those two of you that actually read this comic that there will be no new page on Monday. I've been very busy with school this week (block week= 6 hours of hard work every day), all my courses started again, and most importantly, today is my BIRTHDAY! Technically, that is, I won't be getting any presents before I go to bed and wake up again. ^^; And you wouldn't expect me to work on my birthday, would you? *Innocent smile*

Anyway, if I have my submission for the keenspace sampler done by monaday, I'll put that up so you'll at least have SOMETHING to look at next week.

Once again, I'm sorry. -_-

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Thursday, September 02, 2004


Goodbye, Mr. Buffer

First it was three weeks, then it was two weeks, then one week, so by any right I should have seen it coming. But facts are, I didn't, and now my hard-earned buffer has died a swift but painful death. Oh well. That just means I'll have to learn to have my updates done in time, just like everyone else. And I DO have Monday's comic uploaded to AutoKeen, so there won't be any disasters. Yet.

I just realised that this week's comic is annoyingly dark, even on my monitor - please tell me if this is a big problem, and I'll beat the page with a big stick - er, edit it. ^^;

Wow, we're actually getting closer to the plot! 0_0

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