Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Now in blue!

Tweaked the layout slightly, added two new pages, archives and about the author (more 'About' will be added shortly, again when it's not a spoiler.) Link page updated with banners and - hey! - there's a new comic! This one doesn't LOOK like much, but it literally took me WEEKS when I did it back in winter. Yes, still uploading old stuff... but I'm busy drawing page 7. ^^


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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Updated! Yay!

This week's page... yes, I know. It's only one panel. I suck.
If it can be seen as one, the reason for this is that these first three panels were in fact drawn over half a year ago, when I was on a crazy Arina Tanemura-rush, thus they are a lame attempt at copying her style, both in art abnd writing. My half-a-year-ago self obviously didn't see that since she publishes over fifty pages each month and I can't stretch my schedule to update more than four pages a month, full-page pictures are a bit more tolerable in her works. ^^;
But at least, this week I give you cel-shading.

In other news, there is a link page! Yay! Other content will be up as soon as the plot isn't a spoiler anymore. XD

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



After hours of typing, hours of image editing, and hours of cursing at poor Knud-Werner (that is, alas, what I call my computer. Have pity on him.) as an excuse for my own lack of CSS skills, the webpage is DONE! There might not actually BE anything here except for the comics, but it is done anyway!


Oh, you wanted hear some opening words? ^^; All right then.
This is the official opening of Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T (though it has already been online for a little over two weeks now), a comic about a girl, her life, and those things that happen to her. And alien insects.
Don't worry, it will all make sense at some point - or at least make as much sense as this comic is ever going to. Saying much more would be a spoiler at this point, seeing as nothing has really happened in the comic so far, and I don't want to spoil stuff. Yup.

Is this the place to say 'stay tuned' in a deep, dramaic voice? I think so.

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