Monday, July 25, 2005



First off, an important announcement: On next Monday, August 1st, there will be no update. Why? Well, I'm going on a 4-day bike trip (as in bicyle, not motorbike) with my dad from the day after tomorrow, and directly after that, I'll join my mom in Rome, so I won't be at home at all for more than a week. Rojoice, though, because this will be the last of my stupid trips (well, I'm going back to school on the 9th, so they'd better be), and after them the comic will go back to it's normal update schedule, plus I'll be a lot more active around here. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, though. ^_~

Okay, with that gone, back to the phew. This comic was a litteral pain in the butt to get done whatwith all the action and stupid attack effects and so, and partly due to that, partly due to me procrastinating plus actually having some stuff to do today, it kept becoming more and more delayed. Oh well, at least I made the critical deadline with *checks watch* 45 minutes to go. Impressive. ^^;

And now... sleep. Wait... ARGH! Skyen's fanart! *Cries*

...oh well, I knew I'd forgotten something. Back to the drawing board it is...

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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Ich bin wieder da!

(transl: I'm back!) Yi-haaa! Back from Berlin with a suitcase full of manga and an acute drawing urge! And this time I get to stay at home for a whopping four days. Amazement! ^_~

Now, on to important stuff: While I was away, my host KeenSpace changed it's name to ComicGenesis (or ComicGen for short), and more importantly, it's URL, and with that the URL of every single hosted comic, has changed as well. Thusly, A.N.T will from now on be located at http://ant.COMICGENESIS.com; please update your bookmarks and links. ^^ I'll be going through the page soon and remove all the KeenSpace references as well.

Finally, updates! I'll try to get an update up on Monday as planned, but it might be delayed as I spent most of today helping my mom getting ready for her trip to Rome tomorrow - and she's been so stressed that I haven't been able to sit down by the drawing table for longer streaks of time. I'm still hoping to outline the sketch this evening, but otherwise, at least I'll be home alone for the next three days so getting the time to draw the comic then will be pretty easy. Well, unless I get lazy.

Oh, wait, I NEVER get lazy.

Never at all.



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Friday, July 15, 2005



(And for those of you who don't speak German: "Done!")

... Sorry for the delay; I went on a last-minute visit to my dad's cottage so instead of returning from Sigge's (which, for those curious, is where I were all weekend) on Tuesday morning I didn't get back before Wednesday evening, and thus, the comic is up now instead of the promised Wednesday-Thursday-ish. But hey, at least it's done, right?

In other news, I received an awesome fanart from Ryuko, check it out in the gallery! ^^

And now: Pain. Er, I mean my aunt's all-weekend wedding. ^^;

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Saturday, July 09, 2005



Anyone noticed that the blog looked rather odd for about half an hour? Well, this was simply because, in an attempt to explain how Blogger works to Skyen, I ended up accidentally DELETING THE WHOLE THING! Luckily I was able to copy everything to my harddrive (I had blogger open in two browser windows), but I still had to copy-pase every damn post into blogger manually. Oh well, I think everything's back to normal again, except it look like I made every single post over this whole year within the same fifteen minutes of the day. Phew. I was REALLY scared that I'd lost everything right after I clicked the button.

Damn, now I actually NEED a holiday... ^_~

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Important Information

- and with a title like that, you know it ain't positive. ^_~

Anyway: I have finally gotten my holiday plans sorted out so now I have an actual overview of what this is going to mean for the comic. And by that, yes, I mean delays and skipped updates. Sorry everybody. The plan goes as follows: I won't be at home at all this weekend due to a recent Norwegian invasion (those who know me well will know what that means), so there will be no comic on Monday (since I spent the time I could've done it in on page 46). I will get page 47 done over this week, though, so it'll probably update Wednesday or Thursday. Then, I'm going away to my aunt's wedding for next weekend, so no comic for next Monday either (since I couldn't do it in advance because I was already behind on the page before it, duh. Damn, I'm planning lateness. O_o), and since I'll be going to Berlin on Tuesday the 19th, I can't do that week's comic over the week. Count that as skipped. I'll have plenty of time to do page 48 for Monday the 25th, but I will defiantely NOT be able to update on August 1st, since I'll be in Rome at that time. That will be the last irregularity, though, as school starts the nect Monday, and I'll probably be able to stay on schedule then.

So, to sum up:
Monday the 11th: Page 47, updates somewhere over the week
Monday the 18th: No comic, sorry
Monday the 25th: Page 48, most likely on time
Monday the 1st: Definately no comic, sorry

Total: Two skipped, one delayed, one on time.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing - it's simply the best I can do with my tight-packed holiday program. To think, I actually have MORE time to do the comic on school weeks... Fascinating. ^^; Oh, and don't be surprised if I'm still answering emails and forum posts in the weeks I'm not updating. It's not that I would be able to do the comic if I weren't lazy, honestly - I just have one or two days between each trip which is enough to hang online, but not enough to make a comic (usually takes me three days). Again, sorry to everybody. I'll try to stary on schedule once summer is over with. ^^

And now, out to enjoy the summer! ^^

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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Working again!

First off, as you can see, I finally got Blogger to work again. Woo-hoo! Actually, it was just a really stupid mistake with moving directories without updating links, but I don't feel stupid about it. Nuh-uh. Of course not. ^^;

Secondly, today's comic: it is pink. Very pink. My deepest apologies to everyone's eyes. Hey, at least I restrained myself from using the rainbow-scales pattern from page 17. ^_~; Also, this is the definate proof that Skyen and Gwennafran were right in their speculation. Curse them and the psychic-ness.
...or maybe it's just me making the 'surprises' extremely obvious. ^^; Oh well - now I know how NOT to do that for the next ones. By the way, since that's not extrremely obvious, the text behind Lisa says 'fangirl', if you can't guess it. ^^

Thirdly (yes, there's a thirdly): General page update. I removed the fanarts from the archives and put them into the fanart gallery where they belong so the archive pages no longer give the impression that I suddenly updated daily for two weeks. ^^; Thanks again to everyone for the fanarts, this was straight on incredible. You all rock. ^^ I've also updated the links page with four comics that I've been meaning to link for far too long without ever getting it done. Be sure to check them out.

And fourthly: I'm not quite sure what will happen to the update next week, as I'm not even quite sure where I'll BE ove rthe weekend and the first few days of next week. I also have an as-of-yet date unspecified trip to Berlin hanging in the air thet might interfere with the updating in a few weeks, though i can't say that for sure. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll get next week's comic DONE, it's more a matter of getting close to the computer for a long enough time to color and upload it. It should be up by Thursday or so, no matter what, and I'll keep you updated on these matters - as soon as I know more myself. ^_~

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