Monday, November 28, 2005


It is Ze Done!

...and Britney Spears is gone from the main page. Once again, god's in his heaven, all's right with the world.

Oh, and I cleared out all the non-comic things that had been cluttering up the archives for a while as well. Now I just need to put them into the fanart gallery where they belong,a nd with me being me, that will only take...


...forever. ^^;

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Sunday, November 20, 2005



I did it! I have no idea how, but I did it.

And that is even though the comic was only half-sketched this morning and I didn't start working before 12 AM today. Amazing. ^^

Incnetive this week is not only up in time, but is also something as nifty as Emme's design sketch for this episode, including (ta-daa!) the shirt she's wearing under that only-very-slightly-stolen-from-a-very-famous-anime jacket.

Oh, and I think it goes without saying that I didn't have time to finish last week's page, but again, I'll get to it as soon as possible.


Just keep in mind that "as soon as possible" is Ida-tounge for "never". ^^;

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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Ahh, comic

Just to make it clear: The comic that uploads in *checks watch* 1½ hour is NOT the final version. Despite having no cosplay, nor loads of homework to do, I still spent a bit too much time on other things than the comic this weekend. Namely, finally buying assembling the IKEA furniture I need to turn my room just a little bit more orderly, and finally watching Howl's moving Castle. Oh well, it was a fun weekend. ^^

Anyway, all the comic really needs is a bit of shading and possibly some small changes in the lower part to make the joke easier to get - I'll try and get that done as soon as possibly, but right now there's a small load of homework and a math test waiting for me, so I can't promise a specific day. *Hates on school. Again.*

Also, there is finally *gasp* a new incentive! Shock, amazement and wonder! This one is a sketch of suspiciously innocent-looking Paula in a very weird pose, drawn in a math lesson about something I understood so little of that I don't even know what it's called in English. Damn, I hate that subject. ^^;

And now: Digimon music. Why? Because. Simply because.

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Friday, November 11, 2005


It returns!

Wow. It's been a while, hasn't it? To me it has, at least, but now, I'm FINALLY done with all things J-popcon and can go back to doing the comic. Yay!

Yes, weird as it sounds, I've actually been looking forward to it. It seems that as soon as I STOP drawing, I feel an unquenchable need to do so; for the last two weeks, my imagination has been flooded with A.N.T, almost the same way as it was before I started doing the comic. Now, if I could just keep this up when I'm actually DOING the comic, then... ^_~;

And now, the practical information: Unless I fall and break my arm or such, the comic will start updating again this Monday. That's all.
Yes, for once, there IS no practical information! Those of you who don't want to hear annecdotes from my life can go and play Neopets now.

And for the 2 people (one of the fictive), here's a little recollection of my J-popcon 2005 experience:

As always, well, J-popcon was awesome. Simply awesome. I didn't watch quite as much anime as I'd planned to, but one the other hand, I played so much DDR and Marvel vs. Capcom, wasted so much time in the dealer room and saw so many events that it didn't matter. Much. Oh, and I met a lot of new and old people as well. If any of you two people (one of you fictive) noticed a hyperactive, purring, neko-ear-wearing glomping fangirl in a schoolgirl uniform - that wasn't me. I'm not THAT scary - at least not in broad daylight. No, that was UHC, star of the tagboard, but I were with her about 80% of the time, so if you saw a tall, glasses-wearing and slightly awkward girl hanging around with her and making magical girl wands out of modelling clay, THAT was me. Hi Dennis, Kimmiko, Marie, Gwennafran, Leechy and all the nice people whose names I've forgotten! ^^;

Oh, and the cosplay. Again, if any of you two people (one of you fictive) were there, you probably saw me - I was the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (aka. "The blonde with the lame speech in the sketch about hentai") in the group with the angel (Sigge, cosplaying evil Finn Fish) and the Random Schoolgirl (UHC. Who else?) I didn't win anything, but honestly, with 72 cosplayers and an even higher standard than last year, there wan't much of chance anyway. and it was a lot of fun nonetheless, though I wish I'd been able to SEE the show. (Must trick the video out of someone). Also, I've decided to do something less time-and-money-consuming last year, which will probably benefit both the comic and my mental health. Then again, last year I decided to do something dark, and I ended up with yet another magical girl, so don't take these decisions too seriously.

Finally, there was the dealer room. i'm still partially in shock that I managed to not only survive the tides of rabid fangirls out for Naruto headbands and Pretty Cure dolls (on a related note, I'm surprised I survived watching Pretty Cure on sunday at all) but actually buy things as well. Some of the best of these include four Chobits figurine keyrings, Dragon Half and Otaku no Video subtitled VHS tapes for under 3$ per tape, Evangelion gashapon... and live action Sailor Moon Gashapon accessories (including brooch, armband, MDS-size moon stick and cell phonewith annoying sounds). Yes, I paid money for them. And the worst part is that I'm actually happy I did it. No, I couldn't find a picture. ^^;

Okay, that was all. I won't write any more before the comic is done and updated, allright? Focus, Ida!

Oh yes. I want this. I want it bad.



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Sunday, November 06, 2005



Back from J-popcon. Really tired.

UHC is back from J-popcon. She is really tired. So tired that she forgot to give me her filler.

Skyen is cool. He made an emergency filler a week ago. It will go up tomorrow.

Write more later. Really want to draw the comic again.


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