Monday, April 23, 2007


I hope you weren't expecting an update...

...Because as much as I'd love to run away from the insane tsunami of delayed schoolwork that's crushing me after finally finishing my art project last week, I can't give you one. Prom dress still isn't done, bio still isn't done, &%#¤ log explaining the oh-so-deep-and-artsy-fartsy thoughts behind my project consisting of pictogram women and cut-out fishes sprouting quotes from the brothers Grimm sure as hell isn't done (but still due tomorrow) - and all I want to do is draw teenage girls beating the shit out of each other with robot suits and magical powers. Wish me luck on making that wish of mine come true soon...


(In other words, I'll hopefully return to life [= comic-making] soon. Soon as in next Monday soon.)

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Monday, April 16, 2007


Of Non-existing Updates

So, yes, there is no update today. The reson is as follows: I'm currently working on my large Art Project for school. Said Art Project has been planned very badly. Said Art Project is also, coincidentally, very very huge. And Said Art Project is due for this Friday.

Yes, I'm currently working my butt off 24-7. Could you tell?

Hence, I've had absolutely zero (aka no, zilch, 0, Lelouch) time to prepare page 99 for today, so it's still stuck in the kinda-sketched-but-only-with-the-text-balloons-inked-state I left it when Easter break ended. And since this project is essenial to my passing Art class this year, I simply have to put it before the comic, despite the fact that for once I'm actually aching to do A.N.T. Typical.

As said, this scene is already pencilled and because of something you'll find out about soon, I have to have the four pages that comprise it up before the end of April. However, since I also need to get my prom dress done for next Friday (the dress will be a kimono, by the way, and hopefully lovely ^^) - yes, of course I didn't finish it during Easter either - I don't quite know when in the month I'll have time to finish the remaining three pages of the scene. Cross your fingers that it'll be soon...

Ida Kirkegaard, ganbarimashou!

(Random Sad News-that-aren't-new: Probably in order to distract me further, my favorite writer, Kurt Vonnegut, died this week. He's up in Heaven now. So it goes.)

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Monday, April 02, 2007


I have an apology to make...

Several, in fact.

First off, I'm sorry that the upload schedule for yesterday's update was so screwed - uploaded too late, removed too late, and generally just wonky in terms of time.

Secondly - - - APRIL'S FOOL! :P

Don't worry people, I'm NOT going into the yaoi business anytime soon (which is probably good considering how sucky yesterday's drawing was - I'd be a disgrace to the actually skilled yaoi artists...) NOR is A.N.T going down in update frequency due to said yaoi. Phew.

The only factual piece of information in yesterday's post was that I DO have my adapter back. Rejoice! (In fact, HP's customer service DID turn out to be great [well, if you remember to always use the email support and not the phone one] - they mailed it to me free of charge! ^_^
And yes, of course that means that I'm going to update regularly again - as we're starting out today with what you've all been impatiently waiting for for all those weeks: Kin vaulting! (Okay, so maybe you've not been waiting that impatiently...) The next page will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow (I'll be going to a friend's birthday before I have time to finish it), and that will mark the end of this scene - and very conveniently, the return to normal schedule next Monday. ^_____^

(Oh, and for those who missed out on yesterday's update, it can be seen in all it's... glory in the pieces gallery. Look at your own risk.)


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Sunday, April 01, 2007


I have a confession to make

Several, in fact.

First off, I have to confess that this extraordinary update was several hours late because my internet connection decided to die on me.

Secondly , I need to confess that I have my adapter back. “So what”, you might think, and “isn’t that a cause for celebration rather than confession?” Sure, sure, I answer you, but the confession is not so much that I have it as it is the fact that I’ve had it for several days now. Yes, I’ve been keeping it hidden from you, and the reason for that is connected to the third confession I have to make today.

As you might’ve guessed from today’s untimely update, I need to confess that I’ve been unfaithful to this comic. While I said that I was working on future updates for A.N.T, what I was really doing was getting my second comic ready for launching. Yes, that’s right, I’m two-timing, and rather than quit either of my projects, I’ve decided to make my comic polygamy public. Therefore, please welcome my new project, Yaoriffic Boy Lars V.A.M.P. You’ll find out everything about the amazing new comic by clicking on the image, so all I’ll say about it here is that it’s a story completely unlike this one, filled with delicious blood and decadent, sexy males in a tale of both epic proportions and heart wrenching personal trauma. And of course lots of delicious yaoi.

The comic will launch for real on its own webpage (with the webdesign you’re currently witnessing here) one month from now, on May 1st, and from then on I’ll do my best to update both comics as much as possible (though with two active comics, I’ll probably have to kick A.N.T’s regular update schedule down from weekly to every 14 days).
Please look forward to Yaoriffic Boy Lars V.A.M.P. and read it from May 1st!

(And BTW, if you’re curious, the characters in the picture are the main character, Lars, and his alter-ego, V.A.M.P. Yes, nothing beats self-yaoi.)

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