Sunday, February 25, 2007



Yeah, no shading on this one. This weekend contained far too much badly timed homework (I blame my lack of touch with the real time requirements for homework on not having done any [save for the large project] since Christmas) and that means I only had from 6 PM today to do the computerwork (ignore the inherent sadness of my inability to color one measly page i SIX frickin' hours) which again means that, well, it wasn't finished. Will be tomorrow. Yeah.

I'll go sleep now.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007


A Triumphant Return!

...or something like that. Yeah, A.N.T is back. And thanks to buffer-work, it will actually, with almost 100% certaincy, stay around for the next 5 weeks. And the next few years after that, if this update system keeps working as well for me as it has done so far. Yay! ^_^

Also, there are freaky people around (yes, I've been reading the Anime News Network forums. ^_^;)

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Friday, February 09, 2007


It is done!

...my school assignment, that is. Which means my winter break begins now. Which means joy.

Oh, and it also, technically, means a return to schedule for this comic. See, this is going to ound rather weird, but I'd like to hear what you guys think about me NOT updating this Monday after all. Easy question to answer, you might say - but come on, if it was that simple, would I have asked you at all? (Evidence from the mass-skippings of olden times says "no") And yes, it is a slightly more complicated situation. Basically, the deal is this: As planned, I've exhausted the sketch buffer (yes, there you have it. My amazing magical secret to regular updating is a sketch buffer. Incredible.) that I made during Christmas and will have to spend this break sketching the comics that will upload between now and Easter. No surprises there. My original plan was to spend this weekend doing, well, this weekend's update, and then work on the buffer on the weekdays (winter break is 9 days) before finishing next weekend's update, during, y'know, the next weekend. And this is where that nasty monster known as "real life" rears it's ugly head. Remember the script-writing competition I took part in what-will-soon-be two weeks ago? I originally thought that those scripts were going to be finished during the workshop weekend, but I was wrong, and therefore, I have to spend a lot of winter break working on the script as well. Aside from that, I've (of course) piled up a lot more (fun and enjoyable, but time-consuming nontheless) real-life activities, which further limit my comic-making time. All in all, it looks unconceivable that I should be able to draw seven (yes, there are seven weeks 'till easter. I know it makes me weep) and finish two pages during those nine days along with all that other stuff. However, since I really like my buffer system and would like to keep going with it to provide you guys regular updates (and myself the satisfaction of having a comic that actually updates) I propose you this: Instead of spending this whole weekend on one comic, I'll skip this Monday's update and start work on the buffer tomorrow(well, it's 1 AM now, so technically I'll be starting today). This will highly improve the probability of regular updates 'till Easter and also make me happy. Or, to put it simple: Ida's winter break update-dskpping-for-the-greater-good-plan:

Pros: (Probably) regular updates until Easter, happy artist
Cons: No update on Monday



Oh, and if anyone is feeling particularly creative and supportive of this plan, maybe that someone would like to make a last-minute filler for this Monday? Stick figures are completely acceptable. ^_^

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