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This document was written in virgin's blood by Ida BloodTulip RavenToast Kirkegaard on a full moon night where the ghouls screamed and the weres howled to the silver crescent. Upon it rests an ancient curse from the olden scrolls of the Clan Qwyztyllich, so that no mortal will ever lay eye on it and live. Especially not if that mortal dares to lay on on a 1024x768 monitor in Internet Explorer.
Every brop of blood, every painfully shed tear, every cubic meter of angst and every other bodily fluid presented on this page in the past, present and future is the explicit property of Ida BloodTulip RavenToast Kirkegaard and anyone who dares stealing it will learn to beware the ancient hexes protecting it, for they will never again see the sunrise. The plot, however, may be taken. No one will miss it.
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