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These are the webcomics I read:


A comic filled with vampires, battles and winged bishounen - but, unlike most other comics containing these things, it's actually really good! Along with STDA, this is one of the best things to come out of the Danish webcomic scene. Also, M-chan is my own personal idol.

A story about superheroes. Yes, I know... But this one is very well written, beautifully drawn, and has a great premise.

Three girls are chosen by the goddess of destiny to become her 'knights' and fight the forces of darkness with amazing powers... It's pretty obvious why I like this one. ^_~

A fantastic comic, both in terms of story and execution, that I stumbled upon today. To quote the author, explaining what Earthsong is about usually results in blank stares, so instead of reading my attempts, why don't you read the comic yourself to find out? It's worth it!

El Goonish Shive is about... some people. Who do... something. It really has to be experienced to make any sense. Obviously, this is one of my favorites.

More of a creator's resource than an actual webcomic, this nonetheless boasts some of the funniest parodies of really bad webcomicking I have ever seen. Really, REALLY bad webcomicking.

A very cute and funny little webcomic about a female superhero and her psychic friend. The art increases in quality at an almost unbelievable speed.

Though it looks average at a glance, it's skyrocketing popularity gives a hint that this comic is, in fact, FAR above average. Bekka started on Keenspace a few weeks before me, and is already a successful independent, and justly so; the n00b is, quite frankly, one of the best gaming-related webcomics I've ever read, with memorable one-liners and a generally splendid sense of humor. Everybody should read this.

Norse-style sketchy fantasy that might not make that much sense yet, but is still awesome just the same. Also happens to be one of the best Danish webcomics aside from STDA. ^^

Sandra, a girl-turned-zebra-demon, her best friend Crystal and said best friend's Jack brother the perv wizard have adventures stranger than themselves while searching for a cure for Sandra's condition. This one has the most beautiful black-and-white art I have ever seen.

By the fabulous Gwennafran, this one of the oldest and best webcomics to ever come out of Denmark. Cute stereotypical angels and devils fight over the souls of innocents, or just fight in general. Only updates once a month, but the updates are worth waiting for. ^^

This is, quite franky, one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. A bit dark and morbid for my normal tastes, but fascinating at the same time.

It's a webcomic about...

Ended/inactive (but still worth a look):

Words can not explain what Unicorn Jelly is about. I can not explain what Unicorn Jelly is about. That might be because I can't for the sake of my brain understand what Unicorn Jelly is about. But anyway, this is pretty much THE most mature, complicated, philosophical webcomics out there, set in a world that rivals Tolkien's in detail. And when did Tolkien ever describe his world's PHYSICS? If you're still not convinced, it has a
hyper-cute title character. Come on, read it! Go! Go!

A fanboy-turned-magical-girl battles the creatures of norse mythology with corny attacks and a magical hammer.
What's not to love?

A very well-drawn webmanga (I envy those screentones) about seawater, strange diseases and... pirates!

A cute little comic about an alien, a dinosaur, a distinctly female computer and the Grim Reaper, and their lives on the deserted Earth. Sorta story-based and with a very unique athmosphere that is an odd mix between cute and funny and utterly cheerless,

One of my recent discoveries, and an amazing one at that. Yes, it's about the PowerPuff Girls, but it is ALSO, quite frankly, the best fanwork of ANY kind I have ever seen. The art is awe-inspiering, the story is extremely well told and the fact that pretty much every Cartoon Network character makes a cameo at some point doesn't hurt eiter. I can't give this one enough praise.

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