This is, well, the title page for Episode two. But: as a sketch! Yes, I know you're all exited... This is really just a sketch that turned out so good that I decided to scan it before ruining it with ink.
Another sketch for a piece, but this time, it's the Christmas filler. This one is significantly better than the colored piece.
This one actually got better by being inked...
...whereas I prefer this sketch over the inked one.
Finally, something interesting! This is the 'final' concept for the A.N.T, done in a hurry because I needed to decide on a concept for Episode one's title page. The proportions are off and there's a plate too many in the corset, but otherwise this is the current design.
Another concept drawing - This time it's Derasa. I actually designed Derasa to look the way she does so I would have an excuse for practizing folds, but I still think this is one of my better character designs.
Poor little thing. This is the final (after many, many bad tries) concept for Princess/Queen Shiraki, along with some probably unreadable notes on her looks and personality. There you are, now you know as much about her as I do. Yes, really!
I never did a real design sketch for Jeanne since she appears full-body in her first comic, but I did do one for Tom. Here you have him, matrix-clone and civilian, along with the netbuster and... hands? Yeah, hands. Don't ask.
Mo and Sanus's superior is yet to be named, but I did do a design sketch for her. Go me. Oh, and just ignore the danish gibberish. It doesn't say anything the drawing doesn't.

Old Crap Gallery

WARNING! The following images are the age-old work of an overimaginative and undertalented preteen and might cause severe damage to your mental health. Click on your own risk.

Ta-daa! The A.N.T first appears. And it's... anorectic and armed with a chandelier? I don't know what kind of crack I smoke as a kid, but it sure wasn't healthy.
ARGH! It actually got worse! In this picture, the young I shows her amazing lack of knowledge of both human AND insect physiology. This is, quite frankly, one of the ugliest pictures I EVER drew. Even without the forehead heart...
The anorectic A.N.T makes a comeback, but this time it brought Proto-Lisa with it! Don't giver her that weird stare, back then ALL my people looked like that. And yes, she is supposed to have such a big nose. I believe this one goes with the story version where Lisa transforms by shrinking and later turns out to actually BE the ant princess...
Like the above, this one is from the 'shrinking' version of the story, only with a completely different design. Yes, she's got four hands. -_-;
In this picture, Lisa is born and the future of A.N.T starts to look a little less retarded. If you forget about 'antwoman', that is.
One of the notes on this says 'Yeah! First cool design!'. Today, I'd say 'Yay! First design that doesn't give innocent people deep mental scars!'.
Attention! This is the picture that Io don't want you to see! ...And I can understand why. This one dates back with 'antwoman'.
In a phase where other characters started to look bearable (this one matches the last A.N.T design), Io still looks utterly retarded. I think it's the clothes.
Finally, Io too has a design that doesn't hurt the eyes. Much. On a side note, her name was actually Fay back then (from an incredibly bad pun on Butterfly = Butterfay) and her theme color was purple.

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