Warning! Contains unhealthy amounts of happiness. This is the first part of a series of character busts that I made (and never used) for promotion back when I started A.N.T.
This is the second in the series...
...and this is the third. This is actually my favorite out of the set - the original is on the cover of my comic binder.
In 2004, ComicGenesis held a 'Miss Keen' competition, and of course I had to enter Lisa! Here's the entry for the Prom dress competition...
...and this is from the swimsuit contest. Despite the look on her face, Lisa actually ranked pretty high - I believe she came in as number 5.
My submission for the ComicGenesis Sampler - it was supposed to be a preview of the comic in just one page which was, well, hard - this was my second try. It actually made it into the book, so prepare to see it again at a convention near you!
Christmas fillers. Everybody does Christmas fillers. But only I move them into the gallery when it's not Christmas anymore so it looks like I actually do stand-alone pictures! BWAHAHAHA!
April's fool 2005! Be warned, this one contains sprites and will probably not make any kind of sense to those not familiar with Weebl and bob.
It's ALIIIIIIVE! Or maybe not. I did this in the Animation workshop at J-popcon 2004, my first hand drawn animation ever, and it shows. It REALLY shows. But it's a nice drawing, isn't it? ^^;
This is the Christmas filler, or "Special", as I like to call it (since that doesn't sound quite as slackish, that's why!) for Christmas 2005. Warning: Contains even cheesier Magical Girls than normal A.N.T installments.
April's fool 2006! Is this turning into a tradition or what? Anyway, this... interesting update was supposedly composed by my 12-year old squaling, chat-speaking fangirl little sister Signe. And it makes me truly happy to be an only child... XD
Aaaaand it's back! April's fool 2007 contained plenty of blood, angst and mansex. And would probably have had more readers than A.N.T if I'd taken it further than the concept stage... -_-; (WARNING: Probably not suitable for the very young, the faint at heart or anyone suffering from yaoi intolerance.)

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Or maybe not.