This is my first piece of fanart ever, coursey of the über-cool Turi of Vedrblaka's Saga (which is really spelled with a letter I have no clue how to type. ^^;) The picture itself might be a bit confusing if you're not familiar with Danish Fastelavn (or Shrovetide) traditions, but basically, it's all about dressing up and banging on a barrel filled with candy (it used to be a cat), a la Pinata. The characters (aside from Lisa and Io) are from Vedrblaka's Saga and Gwennafran's Stereotype Angel and Devil.
My second fabulous fanart, from great friend and reader extraordinaire (I believe she is responsible for at least half of my traffic), Lea. I envy your crosshatching, damn it!
In June 2005, I held a fanart drive for the comic's first birthday, and this and the next 11 pictures are what came out of that. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. ^^ Anyway, in no particular order, we start with this great little cross-over with Al Schroeder's MindMistress.
Likewise from the Birthday drive, this one is from Emily of A Magical Roommate. And she sent me this BEFORE Pink Flash showed up in the comic, mind you...
Though I love all the fanarts I've received, this one still holds a special place in my heart. I mean, not only is the joke awesome and completely in-character with Lisa, it is also from the awesome Gwennafran of Stereotype Devil and Angel, most likely THE best Danish webcomic in existance. And not to forget that Gwen is incredibly nice in person. ^^
Also awesome is this picture, which is actually a collaboration between two people called Shehulkfan and Lonebeatle, who live in the U.S. and Mexico, respectively. The thought that a picture of my characters has crossed borders on the other side of the Earth is mind-bogling in itself, and when you add the fact that the picture is damn good in itself, then...
Well, when I said that A.N.T would never be a sprite comic again after April 1st 2005, I should've polished my crystal ball better. Don't run away screaming, through - this one is centuries better than the April joke, and NOT ripped off from Weebl and Bob. On the contrary, it's actually really funny. ^^ Mischa of Patchwork Heroes has confessed his guilt in creating this. ^_~
This Matrix-related joke comes from RemusShepherd of Indefensible Positions. Somehow, I don't blame Io for feeling this way. ^^
This one deserves special notions, not because it was in production for 6 moths before being finished, not because it portrays Emme's hair better than I do (though that's amazing/annoying too), but because it originates from my favorite person in the universe, Sigge! (Who I'm still trying to drag into the quicksand of making webcomics). It is also an excellent portrayal of exactly what it is Photoshop can do that PSP can't. ^^;
This is the first of a series of fanarts from the awesome Skyen (of Artist's Block fame), who is quickly becoming my most fanatic reader, at least judged on the number of tagboard/forum posts, fanarts and emails he's produced. That's himself with Lisa in the picture, by the way.
Again from Skyen, I presume this is a reaction to the 'Miss Keen 2004' picture of Lisa. Oh, and Skyen is a really nice guy, if you were in doubt. ^^
The third from Skyen, this my personal favorite of the set: Lisa on the importance of Magical Girls. What more could you want?
This is definately the weirdest fanart I've received so far. But then again, it's from Turi, so maybe I should've expected that. Anyway, this is nothing less than the first 3D version of the A.N.T, hand-made (I presume ^^) in wax. The Lego woman in the last picture is there for size comparison, but is also ME, in the form I used to conquer Skåne with Turi. Long story. ^^;
Also from Turi, this is the last of the fanarts for the 2005 birthday. And it has Reptilicus. I mean, how awesome is that? ^^
This awesome portrait of Io came from the equally awesome Ryuko of The Green Avenger! This was made with prismacolors and is also, shockingly, the first piece of fanart I've received that doesn't have Lisa in it.
When I was going to Rome and had no way to get a comic up, who came to my resque? Why, Skyen, of course, with this awesome little Lisa/Paula scene. ^^
Filler from Skyen, made immediately after the first Pink Flash scene.
This filler comes from CrimsonCat, who turned it in and made my day after I'd rambled all over my blog, trying to make people do me a filler for - heck I can't even remember why I wanted a filler back then. Well, anyway, CC gave me this, and it's awesome. Simple like that. ^^
Another one from Skyen! Anyone noticing a pattern...?
And from Skyen again, this time including the characters from his comic. Yes, I have indeed turned Skyen into my very own personal filler-man-slave. >:D
This one is from Lea aka UHC and is awesome not only because Io is cosplaying a Naruto-babe without wings, but also because Lea drew this WHILE I WAS WATCHING. O_O
Another thing that's apparently become a tradition (aside from my lame April 1sts): Once again, Turi dresses up the characters of STDA, A.N.T and his own comic for shrovetide/fastelavn - and it's every bit as good as last year. ^_^
This absurdly cool picture come completely unexpectedly from Kat Olson a dark night - okay, afternoon - in 2006. And, well, it's awesome. So awesome that I hijacked one of the hand poses for page 70 - but don't tell anyone that. Oh, wait...
In one of my (many) times of update-trouble, Skyen cooked up this little, but very precise portrayal of the inner workings of Lisa's mind. Simply hilarious.
In June 2006, A.N.T celebated it's 2nd anniversary, and aside from reminding me just how slow things are coming along, comic-wise, that event resulted in a multitude of very, very fine fanarts - the first one being this throughly blow-away beautiful picture of Lisa from Nervous Spy of The B-Movie Comic. Also features a walrus.
This is the first of a series of three pictures from the everamazing Lea/UHC (of Suicidal Killers fame), featuring our main girls in evening robes, also created for the comic's second anniversary celebraion. This one shows a shockingly pleased-in-a-dress Lisa (and Io).
Second in the series, this one features Mariam, and is also, simply, beautiful. Yes.
Last member of the trio, this one has both Emme, Jennifer, rainbow effects and a girl who wears WAY too much pink...
It's an anniversary giftart... but wait, it's also a desktop and a portrait of Io! This picture from PF27 of Brain Damage might not slice and dice, but it's a pretty damn good multipurpose item anyway. Also finally available in it's original size.
Yet another rendition of A.N.T, but with a very unique touch, this anniversary fanart comes from Josh Rodgers of Captain Mushface
Also for the birthday, the ever-ingenious (I'm not saying about what, though) Lewis Lovhaug of Lightbringer fame made this cross-over picture featuring pretty much every superhero(esque, I don't think I'd count a Lisa as a straight superhero) character appearing regularly in a ComicGenesis comic. Also has a rainbow background.
From Skyen. Yes. But also for the birthday, and as always, really, realy funny. This is the resized version, since I seem to have deleted the original when transferring files to mynew computer, but that is (hopefully) subject to change, since I at least can hardly read the text on this one... :S
Once again a fanart from Lewis, but this time featuring only Lisa and Lightbringer. Oh, and in case you didn't know (and you most probably didn't), "Maskerade Rosen" is Tuxedo Mask's Swedish name - the only adaptation Lisa could logically have watched on TV as a child.
A cute little Lisa, this one came from Vorticus of Playing with Knives.
And to go with that one, here's a nice rough-lined A.N.T in (seemingly) deep contemplation from SpasticDisaster of Beyond Good~N~Evil
Don't let the pectorals confuse you; this is Io. Or, to be precise, her male version, Oi, from NJ of Emergency Exit and Undead Friend, who apparently wanted to make a commentary on this comic's sad(?) almost-complete lack of male characters. OR maybe NJ just really likes turning female characters into males... O_o
Another Io - and who could it be from, other than the infamous Lego of Legostar Galactica? Plastic fantastic.
Alright, enough of Io! Thanks to the anniversary, Derasa shockingly claimed the place as A.N.T's thirdmost single-fanarted character after Lisa nd Io (no, neither Pinky, Emme nor Mariam, shocking as it is). The first bick to cement this status came from 834n of the WCCA-nominated Parallel Dementia - and it's great
Seond offering to the goddess that is Derasa came from Corgan Dane (y'know, that guy who does that cute little comic about the Grim Reaper and that other thing about a Scarecrow. C'mon, you must've read them? If not, get going! ) and is adorable (in a twisted, semi-gothic way)
Finally, the last brick to build up Derasa's new status came from Escushion of Coiling Spine, and of course features her robe-ness in all her glory, smirking in a way most unsettling.
The final (or so I though; see below) entry to the 2nd Anniversary was tis piece from CW of Blue Skunk - but what I final entry this was. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is, if not THE, then one of the most beautiful renditions of A.N.T in existence (and I'm not including any of my own even among the runner-ups. Yeah. As said before, my words really don't do it much justice, so I'll just shut up now.
You remember I said that CW's entry was the last thing I received for the anniversary? Well, that's not exactly true. What IS true, though, is that I need to chack my inboxes more often, because this picture was sent to me from prettydragoon of Tove - in my ComicGenesis forum PM inbox, which I never check. So, thanks to my suckiness, it took a full month-and-a-half before I even noticed it was there and finally got it up. And since I brought it up now, here are once again my sincerest apologies to PD - I suck, and I know it. -_-;
(BTW, the subtitle "Den lille myrfrue" roughly translates to "the little antmaid", in case you don't read danish)
With the anniversary over, what better way to celebrate the comic's entry into it's 3rd year of existance than with fillers? Okay, so this one is from September (from my birthday, in fact - not that that has anything to do with the filler's contents), but that is solely because I didn't ask for fillers since my schedule was completely off for all of summer. Yup. So, anyway, this the follow-up to the Lisa filler from Skyen (the one placed just above the anniversary ones on this page), and features Mariam. Also, shoujo-ai. *blushes*
And another from Skyen, this one gives a new look to Io and also has the honor of being the tenth(!) filler the guy makes me. Yes, he is indeed my filler-slave.
And now to something NOT from Skyen: This non-filler, non-anniversary, honest-to-god fanart came from from G.L. Gillen of Squid Ninja and, well, it's hilarious. I especially love Io's mental image...
While I was writing my major 3rd Year Essay (the most important part of danish High School except for the final exams) I had no time to keep the comic running, so a few of my very good friends (once again) stepped up and delivered three glorious fillers. This first one from UHC is (and I'm embarassed to say this) more pinker and fluffier than anything I've ever drawn. See that as you like. I see it as a challenge. :3
The second 3rd Year Essay-filler comes, of course, from Skyen. Well duh. Also features Guitar Hero, which is an awesome game, but which I suck completely at. -_-;
And another from Skyen. I hope your brain survived the Lisa-attack... ^_^;

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