For your convenience (and my vanity), the gallery has been split into three sections:


Stand-alone drawings, former fillers and everything that can be considered a finished piece goes here. Generally, a drawing has to be inked or at least colored to end up here, but a few black-and whites make it as well. This gallery is guaranteed free of things older than the internet!


Character studies, concept drawings, doodles and sketches for pieces, everything that can't be considered finished artwork goes here. WARNING: Also contains the dreaded 'Old Crap Gallery'. View with extreme caution!


Finally; the most important gallery of them all. This is where I put up artwork *winkwink* made by loving *nudgenudge* fans *knowwhatImean* of this comic *GIMMESOME!*
Eh... But please, send some fanart if you have it. ^^;

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Or maybe not.