Name: Her most elevated majesty Queen Shiraki of the termites of Earth (though she's technically still a princess)
AKA: Future Queen of the Earth Shiraki, her majesty, Sh-sh-shiraki, "that poor little thing", the girl from *sob*
Purpose: Invasion spearhead/egg-laying machine
Class: Royal
First appearance: Comic #26
Age equals: Definately no more than 16
Likes: Teletubbies, Beyblade, escapism, stories of magic and adventure
Dislikes: Males, the invasion, her future duties, scary stuff (i.e. everything)
Favorite fictional work: Still Teletubbies
Music: Her 'Junior Eurovision' cd
Affilation: Termites (duh!)
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "*sob*"


To put it blankly, her most elevated majesty Queen Shiraki of the termites of Earth is an immature crybaby with no skill nor aspiration to actually serve as the invasion spearhead she supposedly is. The only possible reason why anyone would make Shiraki the leader of an alien invasion force is a) her royal ancestry and b) because none of the other princesses wanted to invade such a backwater planet. Shiraki is one of the youngest and least confident princesses of Entomia, still considering herself a child and consciously ignorant of the world around her, preferring to lock herself in her little fluffy world away from all the 'scary stuff' out there. In fact, she seems to be suffering from some permanent trauma that causes her to be afraid of everything and anything, most importantly social situations, and leads her to love teletubbies just a little too much.

Character relations:

* Appointed leader of all the termites
* Seems to be on really good terms with Derasa, Linneaus and Copto
* Mortally afraid of A.N.T


* Shiraki was originally meant to be a hot-headed, zealous invasion leader, but as you can see, she didn't quite turn out that way.
* Her list of phobias encompass agoraphobia, claustrophobia, hydrophobia, malesuiophobia, androphobia, A.N.T-phobia, and a zillion others.
* Though she hardly ever uses them, as a royal termite, Shiraki is actually possessing of two pairs of fully functional wings. She also has the enlarged abdomen of a royal, though that is kept carefully hidden under layers of dresses.
* Her name is the result of my utter stupidity - while coming up with termite names, I decided to derive them all from the scientific name Coptotermes Formosanus. The site I was taking the name from listed this as Coptotermes Formosanus Shiraki which I of course thought was yet another underclassification, so in the name it went. It later turned out that Shiraki is actually the name of the Japanese entomologist who first described this species. Some biologist I am. :P
But hey, it's still a nice name.

Name: Captain Copto
AKA: "Ma'am"
Purpose: Military strategist/mission supervisor/de facto leader of the invasion
Class: Officer
First appearance: Comic #17
Age equals: Mid-fourties
Likes: Strategy, being in control, Shiraki, "Risk" (the game)
Dislikes: Irresponsible thoughts and actions, most of her underlings, especially Mo
Favorite fictional work: Doesn't care for fiction. A game of Risk, Stratego, Go, or even Chess is highly appreciated, though.
Music: Silence. What, you were expecting Wada Kouji?
Affilation: Termites (duh!)
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "It is not part of my responsibilities to answer such questions."

Look up "cold and calculating" in a dictionary, and you'll find a picture of Ikari Gendo. But if it wasn't for him, you'd most likely find a pretty exact description of what Copto is like. As an officer termite should, she lives and breathes only for her mission (making Shiraki Queen of the Earth) and she will stop at nothing to fulfill it. Too bad for her, though, the rest of the invasion force seems to have been miscast...

Character relations:

* Cares for and protects Shiraki (even though she's an idiot)
* Finds Mo and Sanus too stupid to be worthy of life
* Has a semi-rivalry going with Derasa


* For about a year, poor Copto didn't even have a name.
* The name she ended up getting is taken from the scientific name of the Formosan Subterranean Termite, the Coptotermes Formosanus, as are all termite names save for Shiraki's.

Name: Mo
AKA: Pilot #6758, "cannonfodder", sacrifical lamb #1
Purpose: Low-level combat pilot/A.N.T-bait
Class: Pilot
First appearance: Comic #16
Age equals: Late teens
Likes: Snacks, shiny machinery, her own greatness, action
Dislikes: Being sacrifical lamb #1, boring people (i.e. Sanus),
Favorite fictional work: She had the monitor system of her old mecha hacked to be able to receive cable and until the destruction of that vechile watched a LOT of TV series. "Firefly" was her favorite.
Music: Rock. As loud as at all possible.
Affilation: Termites (duh!)
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "I like cheese puffs! Wait... cheese without the puff? *Resorts to violence*"

Loud, self-reliant and easygoing, Mo is not exactly the prototype of the model termite soldier. In fact, the only reason she has not yet been discarded as a failure is the fact that she is currently one of the only termites on Earth with a mecha-license. This fact seems to completely have eluded Mo, who is certain that her "great" skills as a pilot will make or break the invasion. Which is, technically, true, though not in the way she perceives it. While hotheaded, Mo seems to change from one extreme emotion to the other in a matter of seconds and possesses little to no tact. Well, at least she has plenty of confidence.

Character relations:

* Working partner of Sanus.
* Is ordered around by Copto.
* Has little faith in the intelligence of the A.N.T's pilot.


* It's Coptotermes Formosanus.
* Both Mo and her partner Sanus were though up on a whim because I needed someone for Lisa to fight in episode one, but I ended up liking them both a lot, so expect them to pop up every now and then.
* Due to her age and being fresh out of pilot training, Mo only has a license to pilot ground-based mecha. Not that that'd stop her from trying out a flying mecha if the termites, well, had one, though.
* Mo severely dislikes her uniform and thusly never wears it, much to the grief of superior officers (i.e. Copto). In her opinion it makes her look like "just another random alien soldier". Which she is. Idiot.

Name: Sanus
AKA: Pilot assistant #4857, sacrifical lamb #2, the man from *sob*
Purpose: Low-level combat pilot assistant/A.N.T-bait
Class: Worker, high-IQ
First appearance: Comic #16
Age equals: About twenty
Likes: Peace and quiet, being a good boy, facts, security
Dislikes: Being sacrifical lamb #2, anything remotely dangerous (i.e. his job), physical activity
Favorite fictional work: Sanus only reads the instruction manuals for the changing mecha he co-pilots. Mostly because Mo, y'know, doesn't read them past page 1
Music: Mozart
Affilation: Termites (duh!)
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "*Reads the contents list carefully. Twice.* Oh god, look at the amount of fat compared to the protein! I could never eat this, it's far too dangerous! *Mo snatches cheese and eats it* AAARGH! Mo, don't you realise what you've done? You life is in emminent danger! We must call HQ...(etc.)"

Apparently striving to be Mo's polar opposite, Sanus is clean, logic-driven and neurotic to the extreme. As a high-IQ worker, he has a well-developed common sense and IS generally smarter than Mo - it's just that his common sense has a tendency to be pushed aside by a neurosis that almost rivals Shiraki's, with the main differnece being that Sanus actually worries about things that pose a real threat to him. The worry just has a tendency to be out of proportion with that danger, and in most cases renders him unable to actually do anything about said danger. Other than that, he is an orderly, obedient and at heart very well-meaning guy - the kind of "good guy" that the heroine really should choose instead of the John Travolta-guy she does choose. (By the way, that was NOT an invitation for LisaXSanus-fanfics. Yuck!)

Character relations:

* Mo's co-pilot.
* Is ordered around by Copto.
* Mortally afraid of A.N.T


* Coptotermes Formosanus. Duh!
* Both Mo and Sanus were though up on a whim because I needed someone for Lisa to fight in episode one, but I ended up liking them both a lot, so expect them to pop up every now and then.
* Before finally encountering one, Sanus sent no less than 324 reports to the HQ telling of supposed encounters with A.N.Ts

Name: Ter (orange/green) and Mes (purple/magenta)
AKA: The twins, those gals with the fans
Purpose: Royal servants/gals with fans
Class: Workers, low-IQ
First appearance: Comic #35
Age equals: Twenties?
Likes: Shiraki, completing each other's sentences
Dislikes: People who oppose Shiraki
Favorite fictional work: Shiraki's greatness
Music: Whatever muzak is played in the throne room.
Affilation: Termites (duh!)
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "We have never..." "...tired that Earthian speciality."

Ter and Mes... well, they stand around in Shiraki's throne room and have probably watched more episodes of Beyblade than anyone else on the planet, save for the queen herself, but other than that, not much is known about them. They're twins, whatever that means for a race that all are born from the same one constatly birthgiving mother, and so they share a very deep bond with each otehr. So far, though, all they've used that for is ending each other's sentences and performed the special art of Coordinated Fanning.

Character relations:

* Devout servants of Shiraki.
* Twins of each other.


* Coptoter-mes Formosanus. You get the idea by now, right?
* Honestly, don't pay attention to these girls. All they do is babysit the leader of an alien invasion.

Name: Ninja Termites
AKA: The ninja termites
Purpose: Being ninja/stabbing anyone who gets too close to Shiraki
Class: Soldiers, stealth-spec.
First appearance: Comic #36
Age equals: Probably varies from ninja to ninja (there are at least three of them)
Likes: Ninjutsu, being ninja, Shiraki
Dislikes: Non-Ninjutsu, people who are neither ninja nor Shiraki
Favorite fictional work: Naruto
Music: Ninja Music
Affilation: Termites (duh!)
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "... ... ... *stab*"

They're ninja. They do... ninja stuff. Like throwing shurikens and such. Or watching Naruto on portable monitors with night-vision goggles.
Yeah, I have no clue about these guys.

Character relations:

* Devout servants of Shiraki.


* Coptot... Gotcha!
* These guys appeared only as a one-shot joke, and I'm not sure what role they'll play in the continued story, if any. Still, NINJA TERMITES, OMFG! XD

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