The Police

Full name: Jeannette "Jeanne" Becker
AKA: Agent "J", mom, ma'am, "the woman with the sunglasses", scary lady
Occupation: Government official doing really boring work/secret PETSHOP agent specializing in alien cases
First appearance: Comic #22 (as a police agent), Comic #29 (as Lisa's mom)
Age: 42
Birthday: September 8th (Virgo)
Family: Tom, husband and Lisa, daughter
Likes: Murder mysteries, logic, renaissance art, politics, coffee
Dislikes: French comic books, things that contradict logic, having to wear that ridiculous uniform
Favorite fictional work: Wagners 'Ring'
Music: See above. ^_^; Most Opera will do, though
Affilation: Police
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "Cheese you say? Why should I trust you? I want an in-depth investigation of this so-called 'cheese' before making any more statements on this matter!"

As a PETSHOP agent, Jeanne's foremost skill is her incredible talent for observation and analyzation. With a single glance, she is able to tell if a person is carrying anything in any pocket, which way they were going based on the ripples in the hair, and what they had for breakfest. So really, it's quite pathetic that she hasn't found Lisa out yet. Unlike Tom, whose work is driven by hius fascination with aliens, Jeanne is a PETSHOP agent because she loves mystery-solving. Crime shows, especially British ones, are the single pulp love of a woman who otherwise swears by fine art. Otherwise, though, the thing that matters the most to Jeanne is her work, which she dedicates most of her time and effort - if a case proves difficult, Jeanne is known to become downright scary in her intense pursuit of a solution. Though she is no ice queen, Jeanne is decidedly more cynical and down-to-business than her partner, something which earns her both respect but also fear from other agents. She's not someone you'd want as your enemy. Well unless you, say, had bulletproof armor, superpowers and a secret identity. Then it probably wouldn't be that bad.

Character relations:

* Mother of Lisa.
* Wife of Tom.


* While not directly based on my mother (who is far nicer) Jeanne borrows a good number of traits from her, most significantly her insane detective abilities and her hatred for (Tom's choice of) French comics.
* Jeanne's grey hair color has no relation to her age at all - the sole reason she has this hair color (instead of the dark brown/black of my mother) is to clearly distinguish her from another character with pretty much the same haircut.
* Tom and Jeanne met, fell in love, broke up, became colleagues, fell in love again, had Lisa and THEN married. In that order.
* PETSHOP is an acronym of "Polities Efterretningstjenestes afdeling for suspekte hŠndelser og overnaturlige postulater". PET is basically the Danish FBI, so in English the acronym would be: "The PET agency for Suspicious Happenings and Occult Phenomena"
* Tom and Jeanne's superior, chief constable Lewis, is named in homage to a character from Inspector Morse. Yeah, I watch that show. ^_^;

Full name: Tom Steensen Becker
AKA: Agent "T", dad, "the guy with the big guns"
Occupation: Desk-slave for the police/secret PETSHOP agent specializing in alien cases
First appearance: Comic #23 (as a police agent), Comic #29 (as Lisa's dad)
Age: 39
Birthday: February 14th (cliche anyone?; Aquarius)
Family: Jeanne, wife and Lisa, daughter
Likes: French comic books, cooking, big guns, Jeanne
Favorite fictional work: The Incal
Music: David Bowie
Affilation: Police
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "Should I make you an emmenthaler sandwich, Lisa? <3"

As an agent for PETSHOP, Tom is "the guy with the big guns" and many people have mistaken him for a simple brute because of that. Take away teh netbuster, though, and you'll find that Tom is actually a very domestic, kind and romantic guy who loves cooking and giving his wife gift. Had he not been married, he'd have been SO gay.
Though it has not been touched upon in the comic yet, Tom is also the one who first introduced Lisa to the wonders of geekdom. He is a sci-fi and comic book geek himself, though unlike Lisa, he prefers Belgian/French comics over Japanese or American ones, and has an undying love for the music of David Bowie, both of which interests truly grate on Jeanne's nerves.

Character relations:

* Father of Lisa.
* Husband of Jeanne.


* Save for a few personality traits, Tom is (rather blatantly) based on my own dad. Well, minus the secret agent part, of course (or so I think...)
* If Jeanne are the brains of the team, Tom is the guns. It's not that he doesn't think per se, he just doesn't have anything near the sheer analytical power of his wife.
* Tom and Jeanne met, fell in love, broke up, became colleagues, fell in love again, had Lisa and THEN married. In that order. * Both Tom and Jeannne have firearms licenses (necessary to, well, own firearms in Denmark) but unlike Jeanne's standard license, Tom's is something relative to a driver's license for trucks, allowing him to use larger, experimental weapons.

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