Full name: Mariam Bangash-Knudsen
Occupation: Student
First appearance: Comic #4
Age: 13, grade 7
Birthday: June 16th (Cancer)
Family: Traditional Pakistani father, hippie Danish mother - divorced for obvious reasons, and now a constant source of identity crisis.
Likes: 'Ethnic' stuff, (bizarre) cooking, socializing
Dislikes: Pollution, people bullying Lisa, Bubble Gum
Favorite fictional work: Dancing with Wolves
Music: Bjork
Affilation: Neutral
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "A true delicacy! Now, would you help me prepare these Puerto Rican guacamole rolls with spinach filling?"


Lisa's best friend since childhood is really nothing like her at all - but who said people need to be alike? Instead, Mariam is calm, restrained and motherly, and approximately a million times more popular than Lisa. Of course, that's not saying very much.
Still, her calm and intelligent demeanor makes her a great mediator - Mariam can get along with almost anyone and as such has very few enemies. Part of her calmness and maturity comes from a solid faith in herself that is quite unusual for a 13-year-old. Mariam is confident in most of her actions and choices - and as such, she can allow herself to run completely wild as she does with her more-than-bizarre cooking, which is rightfully feared among the people who know her well. Due to her mother, she can also be quite the hippie when she feels like it, and when topped with her self-confidence, this can be quite a dangerous cocktail - never engage in a conversation about whale fishing with Mariam unless you want to be dragged into a Greenpeace event.

Character relations:

* Best friend of Lisa
* Has a crush on A.N.T
* Recently started hanging out with Jennifer and Emme


* Mariam has been 'in the know' about her own lesbianism since she was about 11 years old and her mother both knows and supports her. She is still officially "in the closet", though, mostly due to her father's family's less-than-positive ideas about homosexuality.
* Mariam was originally based on a girl I used to go to school with, but has developed some quite different traits than her "inspiration" (like the lesbianism, for example).
* Her name comes from yet another real-life person - but this one wasn't a friend, but a bully I was terrified of in grade 2. Uh, not that that has any bearing on this Mariam's personality. ^_^;
* Mariam's paternal family, the Bangashs, are an actual pashtun tribe living in part of Pakistan. I have no clue if any members of the family actually live in Denmark.

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