Full name: Lisa Amalie Becker
AKA: A.N.T, test subject 0008, Magical Girl Princess Ginger, 'that geeky girl'.
Occupation: Student, A.N.T pilot
First appearance:Comic #1, #13 (as A.N.T)
Age: 13, grade 7
Birthday: December 11th (Sagittarius)
Family: Mom and dad, no siblings.
Likes: Magical Girls, cute fluffy things, the 'learning' part of school
Dislikes: Any kind of sports, elegant/feminine style dresses , the 'socializing' part of school.
Favorite fictional work: Sailor Moon
Music: Annoying J-pop
Affilation: Ants
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "Ewww..."

Had she NOT been an A.N.T pilot, Lisa would most likely be the weird girl in the class that everybody pokes fun at. Oh, wait a second. Lisa is the weird girl in the class that everyone pokes fun at. And for good reason, as Lisa is, to be honest, insane. Not only is she hyperactive, genki to the point of exhaustion (for everyone around her) and overimaginative, she also has a rather unhealthy obsession with Magical Girls and, until recently, a heartfelt wish to become one herself.And if the glasses, the inability to dress well or the keeping to herself weren't enough to label her as 'geek', Lisa is also (supposedly) highly intelligent and a top student in any subject but gym. Lisa became an A.N.T pilot by chance, and, much to the dismayal of Io, that certainly shows in her fighting abilities. But hey, she's trying!


As A.N.T, Lisa is one of the most powerful creatures currently alive on Earth. Well, theoretically, anyway.
Her suit grants her a multitude of different abilities, with the most notable being:
* Super strength (Lisa is able to lift at the very least 7 times her own weight, possibly more)
* The ability to jump great distances and heights (from ground level and 5 stories up, which is, coincidentally, the height of most buildings in Copenhagen)
* Bullet- heat- and partially radiationproof lightweight armor
* Super-fast reflexes (Lisa is able to dodge normal bullets), and
* Acrobatic, elegant movements far beyond human ability, not to mention Lisa's abilities.
On top of that, due to the way the suit is recreated with each use, any damage sustained in a battle will be nonexistant the next time the suit is activated (unless heavy damage is dealt to the nanobots that build it), making the suit practically impossible to permanently destroy.

Of course, Lisa's incompetence makes all of this a good deal less powerful. :P

Character relations:

* 'Student' of Io
* Best friend of Mariam
* Extreme fangirl of Pink Flash
* Designated prey of Pink Flash
* Subject of bullying from Jennifer and Emme
* Daughter of Jeanne and Tom
* Main investigation subject of Jeanne and Tom


* Lisa is heavily based on myself as a 13-year-old. Well duh.
* Her characteristic 'antenna' didn't manifest itself until I drew it by change on the final draft of page 1, but it's been an irreplaceable part of her character design ever since.
* She's near-sighted and has been since childhood.

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