Full name: Blattella Germanica
AKA: Linnaeus
Occupation: Engineer/old fart
First appearance:Comic #60
Est. Age: Well, this is interesting. Physically, Linnaeus is well into his old age, equaling someone in his 60ies, however, due to the different lifespans of different species, he actually isn't technically older than Derasa and Io, who are both in their twenties.
Birthday: Oh, forget about it!
Family: Ditto.
Likes: Anything technical and mechanical, large-scale destruction, tetris
Dislikes: His real name, people physically younger than him, his own quick aging
Favorite fictional work: Fiction is for the mentally weak. The only books Linneaus reads are mecha construction manuals
Music: Not really, no
Affilation: Termites
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "Any comment on this substance requires a thorough scientific examination."

Linnaeus is this comic's Mad Scientist (TM) doubling as resident Bitter Old Man (also TM). Considered 'odd' by most of the people around him, Linnaeus is rarely seen socializing with anyone, much preferring the company of his gadgets and inventions. He spends most of his time either tinkering with machines or researching new and high-flying plans to take over the world, build the most powerful mecha ever, or finally making a working coffee machine. As an engineer, his skills are superb save for one area, nanotechnology, for which the termites are still in the basic states of invention (and the ants aren't tellin'). Therefore, of course, nano is Linneaus' major field of study, and an infinite soource of frustration with his old-time classmate from the engineering academy, Io, who has long a ago mastered nanotechnology. The rest of Linnaeus' bitternes comes from the simple fact that his species ages far faster than most other Entomians, which means that he's growing old while his childhood mates are still in their prime. C'mon, you'd be bitter too.

Character relations:

* Long-time rival of both Io and Derasa


* It actually wasn't before after creating him that I discovered just how much Linneaus's character has in comon with that of Kururu from Keroro Gunsou.
* Despite being winged, Linneaus is unable to fly.
* If it wasn't obvious from the comic (and it better be! I put effort into it!), Linneaus is a hunchback.
* His name is one hell of a complicated story: I had decided that this character would be a cockroach, and thusly, looked up suitable species and came upon the German Cockroach, Blattella germanica. Now, as with Shiraki, I mistook the word listed after that name for part of it, when it was really the name of the person who named the species, Carl von Linné, aka Linnaeus. Oh well.
* The "cover story" for the name is this: Linnaeus hates his real name, Germanica, which sounds both dorky AND like a girl's name (to an Entomian, at least) so at some point in his youth, he took on a new, "cool" name to avoid the ridicule taht had been following him through school. People who know him since school (i.e. Derasa and Io) might still call him by his old name, though (though not in public, because if that would result in their lives coming to a cruel and abrupt end - which is why Derasa addressed him as "Linnaeus" on page 60), and obviously, he utterly hates it.

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