Full name: Jennifer Mørch-Hansen
AKA: None. And DON'T call her Jen-Jen. You won't survive.
Occupation: Student
First appearance: Comic #5
Age: 13, grade 7
Birthday: December 20th (Sagittarius)
Family: As of yet unknown
Likes: Being in control, acting grown-up, justice (well, according to her standards)
Dislikes: Lisa, pink frilly things, Pink Flash
Favorite fictional work:
Music: R'n'B
Affilation: Neutral/human
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "So, I like it. Got a problem with that?"

If Emme is the camp follower, then Jennifer is the true bully. There's no way around it: A good deal of Jennifer's character relates to the activity of making life hell for others, or in her case, Lisa. It's not that Jennifer is truly evil - but she does have a vicious streak the width of Germany and a generally cruel sense of humor. Like Emme, she doesn't bully Lisa in order to be evil; for her it is more of an amusing pastime as well as a way to show an outsider her place. Jennifer has always been one of the more popular girls, and taken the other aspects of her personality into account, it's not really that weird. While she can be cruel, she is a also a true leader, loyal to her friends and principles, and completely and utterly honest. There is no backstabbing or friendly facades here: If Jennifer doesn't like you, you'll know. End of story. At 13, Jennifer is one of the most "developed" girls in her grade, both physically and mentally. She long ago put away her My Little Ponies and is now an authority when it comes to all things grown-up and cool, like, uhm... Bacardi Breezers and J-Lo.

Character relations:

* Best friends with Emme
* Merciless bully of Lisa
* Recently started hanging out with Mariam
* Entirely distrusting of Pink Flash


* Jennifer was not part of my original plans for A.N.T - she was simply designed while drawing #5 to give Emme a friend to bully Lisa with. Ironically enough, Jennifer has since then grown to be quite an important character...
* I originally chose the name "Jennifer" because it is a rather rare name in Denmark, and at that time, it sounded mighty exotic to my ears. O_o; I've since learned about US naming patterns.

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