Full name: Inachis Io (given name last)
AKA: Butterfay (okay, not really...)
Occupation: Engineer, currently unwilling A.N.T-piloting instructor
First appearance: Comic #8
Estimated Age: Equals late 20ies
Birthday: The second eclipse of the fifth half-circle of the... let's just call it 'unknown', shall we?
Family Not on this planet, at least.
Likes: Anything mechanical, neat and orderly things, her own superior intellect
Dislikes: Lisa, cute and fluffy things (this is Lisa's fault), how everything is so damn BIG on this stupid planet
Favorite fictional work: Lisa's fighting capabilities.
Music: Wagner. It's good for letting out frustrations
Affilation: Ants
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "I really don't think that thing's compatible with my alien metabolism..."

Poor Io. On Entomia, she was a high-ranked and respected engineer in service of the Queen herself. And then she gets sent to this puny little backwater planet, something goes wrong and she ends up stranded there with a highly illegal and incredibly annoying local-turned-A.N.T-pilot, not to mention that the termites apparently have quite a foothold here and since the princess she should be escorting has gone AWOL, SHE is now personally responsible for fighting them. It's really not that strange that she's grumpy.
And grumpy, she is. Io has quite a short temper and her absolutely nonexcistant confidence in Lisa's abilities makes her patience with her 'protege' minimal. Part of the problem might also be that Io feels like a genius surrounded by complete retards. The other part might be that she's right. ^^;

Character relations:

* Mentor of Lisa
* Arch-rival of Derasa
* Finds Pink Flash utterly ridiculous


* Aside from Lisa, Io is the oldest Concept in all of A.N.t, though she, too, has changed quite a bit over the years. And yes, her name WAS originally 'Butterfay'.
* Io's full name, Inachis Io, is actually the scientific name of the Peacock butterfly, a very common and beautiful butterfly found all over Europe. Her coloring and antennae design is based on the insect as well.

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