Paula/Pink Flash

Full name: Paula Fromm
AKA: Pink Flash (or is it the other way around?), 'Pinky'
Occupation: Student/Magical Girl
First appearance: Comic #31 (shilouette), #39 (as Paula), #46 (as Pink Flash)
Age: Most likely 13, grade 7
Birthday: October 26th (Scorpio)
Family: Unmentioned
Likes: Merchandising, money, cotton candy
Dislikes: Screaming fangirls, Lisa, Derasa
Favorite fictional work: Beverly Hills 90210
Music: Gwen Stefani, Madonna
Affilation: Termites
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "So, this is like... supposed to be eaten? Gross!"

Pink Flash is the first, only and probably pinkest Magical Girl to ever appear in Denmark and the spectacle that has surrounded her since her first appearance clearly reflects this. Currently, Flash only has her own fan club, webpage and merchandise line, but more is in the works each day and her popularity and fame just keeps growing. Wisely, Flash has set herself up as "the champion of justice" out to protect Copenhagen from the threat of the A.N.T who interestingly appeared on the scene only a day before she did herself - the fact that Pink Flash works for the entomian world-domination-seeking termites is hushed down. As a person, Flash is strong, determined and enigmatic, traits that she carries on into her everyday identity of Paula Fromm, though, in both identities, she keeps them well hidden under a surface of pure sugary sweetness that lead people to either love her or throw up.


Pink Flash is, as far as we know, the most powerful single creature currently alive on Earth. Her power is magical in nature (well duh!) and is mainly used for destruction. When used offensively, Pinky's powers usually manifest themselves in the form of piercing beams or explosions of pink-colored energy, though she can vary and alter these two basic attack forms depending on the situation. Since Pinky is a Magical Girl, her attacks are always accompanied by her yelling out a name, but her supply of named attacks seems to be pretty much infinite - at least, the only attack that has been spotted more than once is the finishing move, "Sparkling Princess Sugarpuff Symphony". Yes, all the names are that stupid.
Pinky's non-offensive powers aren't as well known, at least not yet, but she is most likely incredibly powerful and versatile in that aspect as well. So far, we know that Pink Flash is able to teleport, jump great distances (though not as quickly as Lisa) and manifest her wand from thin air. There are indications that she can somehow find out information about people that isn't evident to normal people just by looking at them as well, but how that works is unknown. Finally, she has the power to walk around in public with bright pink hair without being commented on it. Incredible.

Character relations:

* Some sort of student of Derasa
* Archenemy of Lisa
* Idol of Lisa and Emme


* Pinky is left-handed. She may hold her staff with her right hand once in a while, but to use it, she relies on the leftie.
* The name 'Pink Flash' was sadly neither inspired by Pink Floyd or Flash Thompson, as I knew none of them when I came up with it. But let's say it was, shan't we? Oh, wait...
* Recently, I found out that Pink Flash shares her exact name with a character in the 1986 Super Sentai show Flashman. o_O;;
* Pinky's miniscule wings are purely for show. But they are cute, aren't they?
* The reason behind her ability to go around unnoticed with THAT weird a hair color is yet to be unveiled.

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