Full name: Emmeline Solhøj-Vogel
AKA: Emme
Occupation: Student
First appearance: Comic #5
Age: 15, grade 8
Birthday: May 22nd (Gemini)
Family: Parents are divorced, she lives with her rather rich father. Number of siblings unknown
Likes: Cute animals, her friendslist/diary, math, Pink Flash
Dislikes: Icky stuff (like bugs), boring stuff (like Danish class), scary stuff (like Santa)
Favorite fictional work: Pippi Longstocking
Music: Smile.dk
Affilation: Neutral
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: "You're mocking my name again, aren't you? Meanie!"

Despite her age, Emme is best described as extremely immature, and would most likely be about as popular as Lisa if she wasn't lucky enough to hang out with one of the most popular girls in school, Jennifer. How she got herself into this position is anyone's guess, but the fact is that Emme is currently making the jokes rather than being the butt of them. It's not that she's truly mean - most of the time Emme just does whatever Jennifer is doing or what the two of them decides is fun. The fact that these 'funny things' might not be so funny for other people is a boring detail that none of them need to worry about. If you're not a subject of her bullying, though, Emme is actually a very sweet girl, even if she does act several years younger than she is. Just don't let her trick you into filling out a 'friends' page in her diary...

Character relations:

* Best friend and partner-in-crime of Jennifer
* Bullies Lisa
* Fangirl of Pink Flash


* Emme has the worst bed-head this side of Betelgeuse. Honestly. Her current hairstyle is actually the only way she can keep her insane hair under control save for cutting it all off, and that wouldn't be very feminine, now would it?
* Emme used to take ballet classes until her 12th birthday.
* She is also, to the best of my knowledge, the character it took me the longest time to finally come up with a workable design for.

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