Full name: Habrosyne Derasa
AKA: Derazzza, "bitch" (by Linneaus and Io, respectively)
Occupation: Advisor to the Queen/schemer/caretaker of Pink Flash
First appearance:Comic #26
Est. Age: Roughly equals late twenties
Birthday: Third eclipse of the fourth quarter-cricle of the second flood during the sunlight. Whatever.
Family: Probably not
Likes: The dark and mysterious, intrigue,
Dislikes: Pink outfits, Pink stuff, Pink Flash. Oh, and Io.
Favorite fictional work: Interview with a Vampire
Music: Evanescence. Nightwish. Lor... That sort of thing.
Affilation: Termites
Opinion on Emmenthaler cheese: *Gloomy stare*

Derasa likes to be dark and mysterious. As in REALLY likes. Her two goals here in life are to be viewed and feared as someone who lurks and rules in the shadows - and finally triumphing over Io, of course. In fact, the rivalry the two harness is quite a leading factor in Derasa's personality, and while it isn't teh business of this description to tell every steaming detail, it should be noted that the two of them grew up together, with Io always being just slightly better at everything than Io. Yes, she is a bitter, bitter woman. Insect. Something.

Character relations:

* Caretaker/guardian/employer of Pink Flash
* Long-time rival of both Io and Linneaus
* Seems to be really unpopular with Cpt. Copto


* Next to Emme, Derasa was the chacter whose look I struggled with for the longest time. On the positive side, the design I did end up with is one of my favrites, though.
* As with Shiraki and Linneaus, Derasa's name comes from one of my screw-ups: The name Habrosyne Derasa, while apparently still accepted, is an old name for a species of moth that now goes by the name Habrosyne pyritoides (or so I think; the info is quite unclear), which I enden up with because my books on insects are old as dirt. -_-. Well, at least it's prettier. No matter what, the animal is also known as the "Buff Arches" and lives in most of Europe. Yup.

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