Who am I? Well, I'm not Spider-Man, if that helps anybody. ^^;
My name is Ida, and I'm a 18 years old slave... er, High School student. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, which means my first language is Danish, which in turns means by English can be a vit funny att times. I have not (yet) been exposed to any artistic education, save primary school drawing classes, and boy, can you tell that from my works. Yeah.

For your enjoyment (or torture) here are a bunch of absolutely uneccessary stats about me:

Aliases: Known as Baby Berrytown a few years ago, in the My Little Pony community... Oh, the humility. Largely gone by Ida since then, though I'm known as Hamster in a few places.

Sign: Libra. Wow, a fact that is not disturbing, only pointless!

Born in: Hvidovre. Don't ask.

Species: Half human, half HAMSTER!

Gender: Your guess. :P

Idols: Arina Tanemura, Hideaki Anno, Bleedman, Moebius, Queen Margrethe the first (relax - she lived in the middle ages.)

Hooked on: Sailor Moon, Pepsi MAX, Skittles, Salt liqorice Olives.

Fluent in: Danish, English, German, Otaku. Baka Chibi Neko Kawaii, ne?

Hates with a passion: Shopping, sports, group projects (I've had bad experiences), and peanuts.

Reads: Sci-Fi, manga, French comics (the stranger the better), a book on contemporary Japanese art, and webcomics.

Listens to: J-pop, Alanis Morrissette, The Cardigans, Mew, Evanescence, anything my friends don't wholeheartedly disapprove of.

Watches: Lain, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, satire, smart-ass European movies, lame-ass Superhero flicks.

Believes in: Cheese. (Read: Atheist.)

Darkest Secret: Used to be a rabid Digimon fan. Still likes it. -_-;

Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi.

Car or train? Train.

Your place or mine? Both!

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